OMIX, Inc. is a leading designer and developer of robust, scalable, secure e-Business solutions for Internet, intranet and extranet applications.

Headquartered in Menlo Park, California, OMIX was founded at the birth of the Internet boom in 1994, and has consistently been in the vanguard of Internet professional service companies, always among the first to embrace and integrate powerful new standards-based Internet technologies as they emerge.

Numerous Fortune 500 companies as well as Silicon Valley start-ups have tapped OMIX's outstanding team of engineers and designers in order to obtain a competitive edge, leveraging OMIX's extensive experience and proven technical vision to develop market leading products and capabilities. OMIX lists among its clients such industry leaders as Cisco Systems, Charles Schwab, Hewlett-Packard and Sony, as well as dynamic, venture-funded start-ups like and NapaStyle.

Design Excellence
Distinguishing itself from other software development and system integration companies, OMIX has always recognized the crucial importance of providing compelling graphic and interface design to match the power of its technical solutions. So the OMIX development process is one in which software engineers and multimedia designers work hand in hand from the beginning to the conclusion of every project.

Security Expertise
At our inception, OMIX engineers were established experts in Internet security, with a background of building real-time financial trading systems that had been deployed in hundreds of major financial institutions worldwide. OMIX launched its first dynamic content e-Commerce Web site in January of 1995, and its first enterprise Java application suite in April of 1996 (when most of the world was just beginning to discover Java).

Vanguard Technologies
OMIX has been integrating BEA's WebLogic™ Application Server (originally known as the Tengah server) and the Marimba Application Distribution Infrastructure since 1996, longer than any other professional services company, and has been building J2EE applications since the specification was first released in 1998.

Scalable, Reliable Architectures
Today, OMIX designs solid, industrial-grade architectures, comprised of industry-leading, standards-based technologies, built for scalability and reliability. Currently, this is most often accomplished by designing sites in a three-tier architecture, which includes a relational database, a Web server, and an Application Server that delivers dynamic content in Java Server Pages and executes business logic using Enterprise JavaBeans.

Flexibility and Integrity
Over 40% of OMIX business is repeat business, coming from clients who value a relationship where both flexibility and integrity can be relied upon when addressing the complexities involved in designing and developing their software application or Web site.

Cohesive, Dedicated Teamwork
Privately owned, OMIX's commitment to technical excellence is matched by an equally strong commitment to creating a humanistic company culture, where work is accomplished in an atmosphere that is supportive, creative, and passionate. OMIX boasts a turnover rate of less than 5% despite the highly valued skills of its employees and its location in the heart of the Silicon Valley. This allows OMIX to give its clients the benefits of having a cohesive team, often with years of experience in working together and fully dedicated to achieving customer satisfaction.

Solid Reputation
OMIX's long track record of successful projects for well-known companies, combined with a solid reputation for both excellence and integrity, make OMIX the partner of choice for businesses that require superior design and reliable, robust Internet application development.

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