It isn't just that we have a great rec room and windowed offices, not cubicles for our employees. It isn't even the flexible schedules, telecommuting options, or generous employee benefits and stock options.

It is that OMIX, a privately owned, pre-IPO company, is as committed to creating a positive company culture as it is to building its financial success. Founded in 1994 by a passionate technologist and a clinical psychologist, OMIX is very attentive to both the professional goals and the human needs of its staff.

OMIX is distinguished by its reputation for designing and implementing world class, cutting edge e-Business solutions, which means that our technical and graphic design staff are always learning new skills in this fast-evolving Internet universe. We look for candidates who are bright, energetic, eager to learn, and responsible, but who are also humble, open, and willing to acknowledge mistakes. The ideal candidate takes pride in personal excellence, but is comfortable sharing credit with the group. Of course, a good sense of humor is always a big plus!

If you are passionate about the Internet and a strong team player, but also self-motivated and able to take individual initiative with minimal direction, this might be the job you have always dreamed of finding. Send your resume by email, fax, or snail mail for us to review. (Go to Contact Us for contact information).

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