OMIX chooses its partners carefully, performing thorough evaluations of the quality of their products and services. Our partner companies, listed above, make significant contributions to the growth and success of our clients. They provide important elements in the well-architected, leading edge e-Business solutions that OMIX creates. Together, we are able to bring our customers the most reliable, scalable and secure solutions possible.

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BEA Systems
OMIX has been developing e-Business solutions that integrate BEA's Weblogic™ Application Server since 1996 longer than any other system integrator. OMIX has been a partner with BEA Systems since BEA acquired WebLogic™ and its industry-leading Java-enabled Application Server in the Fall of 1998. BEA Systems is one of the world's leading e-Business infrastructure software companies, with over 8,000 customers around the world including most of the Fortune Global 500. OMIX often recommends BEA's award-winning WebLogic™ E-Business Platform™ to build reliable, highly scalable e-Business solutions.
With the proliferation of content on the Web and the need to securely manage information from within the enterprise and beyond the corporate firewall, OMIX views its partnership with Documentum as very strategic. Documentum drives content management through e-Businesses with an open, flexible, Internet-scale platform that enables customers to create, deliver, publish, and personalize content in all formats across all e-Business applications.
Exodus Communications
Exodus Communications is a leading provider of Internet hosting services for enterprises. OMIX has been a customer of Exodus Communications since the time when both our companies were founded, and is now one of their longest-standing customers. Over the years, we have migrated many of our clients into the Exodus co-location centers as our clients' projects have moved from development to production. OMIX is now an Exodus Professional Services partner.
Marimba provides Internet infrastructure management solutions that are used for Application Distribution and Management (ADM). OMIX began designing e-Business solutions that integrated the Marimba ADM infrastructure in 1996, when Marimba was first coming to market. Since then, Marimba has significantly enhanced its product offerings to support a broad range of application and content management services. Marimba products are now used internally or embedded in the products of many Fortune 500 companies
Oracle is a leader in relational database technology and secure data management applications for the Internet. In choosing standards-based infrastructure software to build upon, OMIX has been integrating Oracle databases since our inception in 1994. Over the years, Oracle has become the dominant database vendor in the e-Business marketplace.
PointBase is a leading supplier of small footprint Java databases that may be embedded in client-side or mobile applications. PointBase is our preferred supplier of database products for applications that fit this profile.
Sun Microsystems
Sun Microsystems is a leading provider of UNIX platforms and operating systems. They are also responsible for bringing the Java language and the derivative Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) products to the marketplace. Officially, we are hardware and operating system agnostics at OMIX, but we often recommend Sun's products in situations where scalability and reliability are significant design objectives.