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Working Wonders with a Positive Company Culture: For Love and Money
TechRepublic — February 20, 2001

Would your employees turn down a month's salary to keep your business afloat? Is your employee turnover rate below 5%?

At OMIX, the answer to both these questions is a proven "yes."

What's the secret? A genuine commitment to a humanistic company culture, according to OMIX Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer Dr. Sandy Lillie. Now, for the first time in a public forum, Sandy shares her 14 guiding principles for creating a positive company. Find out how it's worked wonders at OMIX and can do the same for your business. View full essay.

Top Secrets in The Edge
Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal — November 28, 2000

Chief Operating Officer Sandy Lillie shares OMIX's unique approach to employee compensation, an approach that leads to comments like "I really think Harold deserves a raise before I do," and "Are you sure you can afford that right now? Because I can wait, you know…" Deliberately avoiding the tense stand-off of annual salary reviews, Sandy reveals how at OMIX employee salaries are informally reviewed on an ongoing basis. "In this way, we offer raises immediately when people have assumed new levels of responsibility, developed news skills, or otherwise demonstrated merit," explains Sandy. View full article.

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