September 1999

IN 5 YEARS, HOMES MAY HAVE 100MEGABIT INTERNET connection via fiber according to Daniel Stanzione, head of Lucent's Bell Labs. The cost could be between $1000 and $5000 per home, too much to allow for installation in every home, but only 15% of homes account for 50% of phone company profits. These homes will probably get 100Mb connections sooner. This connection is 20 times faster than the fastest DSL or cable modems and almost 2000 times faster than phone modems. OMIX continues to bet on this trend by building custom Internet applications that push the bandwidth envelope.

OMIX TIPS TO WEB STARTUPS: 1) Focus on a Web idea that provides a compelling reason for people to visit your site in ways that can create revenue. 2) Storyboard a phase 1 Web site that will deliver on 80% of the core idea, such that the 80% will work well from log-on to fulfillment. Storyboards can be converted to Web pages with professional graphics to pitch to potential investors. 3) Build it quickly and tune it to run quickly. OMIX of course recommends outsourcing your development to gain access to experienced Web designers and programmers who can do the job properly and with the fastest possible time to market. 4) Let customer feedback drive future enhancements. 5) Focus on PR and marketing to drive more volume. OMIX is one of the first developers Silicon Valley startups are calling for the creation of newly funded Web businesses.

UGRIPE.COM IS WRITTEN UP IN THE WASHINGTON POST in an article that focuses on their use of Randy Komisar as a virtual executive for their innovative corporate feedback site. OMIX has been's virtual Web developer for its first Web site. Many hot new companies, rather than building up expensive staff in Silicon Valley, are outsourcing to virtual staff. This allows them to focus on the site features, the customer, the business relationships and the PR during the critical start-up phase.

BATTLE CONTINUES BETWEEN WEB & CLIENT applications. Web applications are started up in a browser so that all the user has to do is type in the location of a Web page (its URL). Web applications, however, continue to be a form entry and page update experience for users. Client applications in Java can have the interactivity of a desktop application, but they must be downloaded from the Internet, outside the browser. OMIX develops both types of applications.

OMIX AND CLOUDSCAPE BEGIN AN INITIATIVE to build client application front ends for Application Service Providers. An ASP typically hosts a Web application and rents out time to users. ASPs will soon have problems with price competition and problems with customers who don't want to use a Web interface all day long. Cloudscape is proposing using its downloadable Java database along with OMIX custom-developed Java client software to create a higher value, more interactive interface. As an added bonus, a client based Java database can allow users to disconnect their laptops from the network but continue to use the front-end application and re-synchronize it later.

FLASH AND SHOCKWAVE WEB APPLICATION TOURS can be a cost-effective way to train and sell to your customers. See, which demos their Java driven print services and Kana uses Shockwave and has voice narration to describe its email management system.

BIZRATE.COM RATES E-COMMERCE SITES. This can be a good first screen for selecting consumer oriented Web sites.

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