October 1999

OMIX MOVES TO MENLO PARK at 200 Middlefield Rd. Suite 110, 94025, which is just north of Willow Road. We are taking over the back part of the ground floor with 11,000 square feet, an open atrium and room for almost 100 people. We are excited to be at the epicenter of Silicon Valley, to be doubling our office space so quickly, and to have so many private offices with large windows! Our main number is 650-330-8950, fax 650-330-8989. Kyle's new number is 650-330-8980.

BESTOFFER.COM IS IN TIME MAGAZINE in a recent article on Silicon Valley's new way of doing startups (9/27/99). Time focused on Stanford MBAs and the fast-launch sites they are creating. Many OMIXians have spent this summer doing Stanford start-ups, and one of the most exciting is the site we are just completing for www.BestOffer.com. It will be auctioning off used cars that have been independently inspected. If you want to bid on Kyle's 1990 Taurus, check out the site in early November.

OMIX IS HIRING a Senior Technical Lead and Java Developers. We don't actively recruit from our customers but we really appreciate candidates from our network of friends and partners. Ideal candidates want to be part of a growing Internet company, working with the newest Internet technologies as they emerge, but also appreciate a humanistic environment with work life balance and a genuine interest in and respect for one another as human beings.

VIRTUAL PRIVATE NETWORKS SAVE MONEY by giving companies a private connection to their Web sites hosted in other locations. The cost savings comes by allowing companies to do ad hoc access on the Web site database instead of having to build a custom Web administration tool for each type of database access via the Web.

BEA SYSTEMS' WEBLOGIC IS HOT. OMIX is finding that WebLogic is becoming the only application server our customers are mentioning. WebLogic has been the first at implementing virtually all Java standards. Startups are building on WebLogic, especially on their Java Server Pages, knowing that they can scale from a single NT or Unix box to a Unix cluster with 8 supercomputers. OMIX has been a big fan of WebLogic since we were just little startups together and OMIX used WebLogic to manage connections to databases. OMIX continues to be successful using WebLogic in our expanding Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) and JSP business, which were Java standards in WebLogic before the other application servers.

JUNK EMAIL IS CAUSING FRUSTRATION as computer users feel like they are losing control of their inboxes. Certain Web sites request your email address in order to login and then proceed to sell your email address for promotional emails. To avoid this, you can give a non-business email address that can be set up with a free email service (www.usa.net, www.yahoo.com, etc.). OMIX recommends only targeted email (like this one of course) that users find useful and not intrusive. Even better is custom email that sends only subjects of particular interest to the users. Regardless, always give a reply to email address to so users can remove their address from a bulk email. Email is the killer customer relationship management (CRM) application; it just needs to be used wisely.

YEAR 2000 BUG & BOOM. OMIX is finding that large companies are holding back on Web spending in the latter part of 1999. Fortunately, startups and innovative mid-size companies are spending rapidly on the Web. Once the year 2000 happens and the world does not end, OMIX predicts that big companies will spend large amounts on the Web as they turn themselves into .com companies. But OMIX wants always to work with startup companies even in boom times, because startups keep our prices competitive, push technology and vision, drive our speed and are a lot of fun.

FOR QUESTIONS OR TO RECEIVE OMIX NEWS call Kyle Hurlbut, Jim Chabrier or Milla Milojkovic at 650-330-8950 or sales@omix.com