November 1999

INTERNET WORLD 1999 SURVEY LISTS OMIX as a top Web integrator. This list of 136 companies is in the 11/1/99 issue and it lists only three companies headquartered in Silicon Valley; OMIX was the largest. (We now have 34 people, and 4 more already slated to start in December!). See back issues 11/1/99, 136 Firms.

LOCALITY.COM GOES LIVE, which is a site that OMIX built. helps find merchants that are local so you can drive instead of Web surf to them. WEB URL NAMING TIPS. Many OMIX customers are selecting new Web addresses (URLs) for their startups. Here are some tips: 1) Match name to URL, make it easy to spell, as short as possible and descriptive of your core business; 2) Use a .com if possible; 3) Add a letter, hyphen, second word or number to the name if needed (e.g.,,,; 4) Spend the money to buy the perfect name - bought and, bought, and Altavista should have bought before they started instead of for millions later; 5) For home URLs, use or to either rent or get a URL for free; 6) A generic name may be good ( or may be a hard foundation on which to build a brand.

BUILDING OR BUYING AN E-COMMERCE SYSTEM costs the same amount, according to a recent Soundview Technology report (financial analyst group associated with the Gartner group). If you save money on buying a low cost platform environment (such as Microsoft ASP or WebLogic JSP/EJB), you spend the money on labor. If you buy a complex E-Commerce engine (such as Microsoft Site Server or Blue Martini), you still spend money on labor to customize it for your business. The bottom line is that 79% of the cost of the average E-Commerce site is labor no matter what you do. This fits OMIX's experience.

PRICES DROP ON VIRTUAL PRIVATE NETWORKS. A VPN allows two remote sites to use the Internet as a private network connection. OMIX's favorite firewall software for building VPNs (Gauntlet from Network Associates) has dropped in price from $17,500 to $4,600. OMIX often uses a VPN to allow companies to access their remotely hosted Web sites. Application Service Providers can use VPNs to provide an application as though they were on a company's local area network. This gets around the problem of having to a browser as an interface rather than using a more interactive client server interface.

BEA SYSTEMS BUYS THE THEORY CENTER for $100 million, which validates that there is tremendous value in building components using Enterprise JavaBeans. BEA Systems stock continues to rocket. It has gone up almost 10x this year.

CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS are likely to be overkill on Web sites other than sites like where content has to change like a newspaper. Vienette and Netscape Publisher are tools that handle this problem much like source code control systems. Sites that need to change content on a more infrequent basis can use tools such as Microsoft FrontPage or even use a source code control tool such as Visual Source Safe. These tools can allow employees to check out pages, make changes, and then post the pages back to the Web site. For sites that require even less frequent updating, you can just edit HTML files, moving the file locations by hand.

FREE DIRECTIONS FOR YOUR WEB SITE are available from Yahoo. By going to, you can generate HTML code that gives you a Yahoo map button and fills in your address as the destination. OMIX does more extensive custom map integration.

NEW CONTENT ON YOUR WEB SITE can be added from, which provides free and paid for content that can be listed on your Web site like a wire service provides content to newspapers. A startup idea: Create a Web site editor outsourcing company. Many companies want to keep their sites fresh and interesting, but they do not have in house editorial expertise.

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