January 2000

TRADEINTERIORS.COM LAUNCHES as the latest site built by OMIX. This site allows interior designers to select and order furnishings, and allows their customers to review a designer's selections. There is a public area displaying furniture as well.

OMIX GROWS 135% IN 1999 with an annualized run rate above $6 million in the 4th quarter.

OMIX CONTINUES TO EXPAND, adding space for 21 more developers in our building. This comes only 3 months after more than doubling our space, moving into our new Menlo Park office. The new OMIX environment is basically designed to be ideal for engineers, with windowed private and semi-private offices, an open atrium in the center and a large, open central area complete with regulation size pool table, 2 foosball tables, a weight machine, and a homey living room setting. OMIX's casual, friendly atmosphere, lack of hierarchy (and attendant 'tics) and technical innovation has given OMIX an extremely low engineer turnover rate and helped OMIX to continue to hire top engineering talent.

UGRIPE.COM IS CHANGING ITS NAME TO UGETHEARD.COM, as this OMIX- built site continues to gain momentum. UGetHeard.com helps achieve resolution between companies and unhappy customers. Often companies resolve problems by giving away a voucher or other coupon to the customer.

INTEGRATING OUTSOURCED WEB FUNCTIONALITY may prove to be the thing that saves large companies from being left behind, with the rapid pace of Web innovation by smaller companies. uGetHeard.com outsources the suggestion box feature of a site, TransPoint.com outsources the Web based billing for large companies and eCal outsources a Web based calendar. Integration with these sites can be as simple as presenting a link to the outsourced page, or can be as involved as coding to an application program interface (API).

LINK YOUR WEB SITE TO YOUR INVENTORY SYSTEM. It is surprising how many sites do not present shipping lead-times to customers. Buyers may not mind waiting several weeks for a product to arrive if they are warned about it before placing their orders. The best way to present this information is to integrate the company's Web site with its inventory system. Web sites can run without linking to an inventory system, but adding this feature can have a big payback.

APPLICATION SERVERS ARE DOMINATING ARCHITECTURES for Web sites, and the Java 2 Enterprise Edition spec virtually defines the modern Application Server. Key to this spec is Enterprise JavaBeans, which are the best way to program business logic for a Web site. Programmers are rapidly moving to this architecture by learning Java (IDC predicts a 41.8% increase in Java programmers between 1998 and 2003).

BEA/WEBLOGIC COMPONENTS ARE NOW SHIPPING. There are 80 different components such as shopping carts, trouble ticketing, authentication and ordering functions. These can supply up to 70% of what is needed for an E-Commerce site. The remaining unique biz logic can be written in Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB). BEA/WebLogic Personalized Portal software is also being shipped. This software helps to create Web front-ends with EJB components. Unified Modeling Language (UML) defines a graphical model of components. BEA/WebLogic announces Smart Generator, which automatically translates UML to EJB code.

DESKTOP.COM GIVES A WEB DESKTOP to users in its new beta version. Desktop.com provides basic productivity tools inside a Web browser, so that your desktop can be based anywhere the Web is accessible rather than restricted to one PC.

VSNETCALL.COM RUNS SLIDE SHOWS and audio conferences from the Web. The cost is about 21 cents/minute per user, with users accessing presentations from their browsers. Users can type in questions and use their phones or the Internet for audio.

FOR QUESTIONS OR TO RECEIVE OMIX NEWS call Kyle Hurlbut, Jim Chabrier or Milla Milojkovic at 650-330-8950 or sales@omix.com