March 2000

BARCELONADESIGN.COM GOES LIVE with a very cool new logo, Web graphics and site information pages - all designed by OMIX. This is a high profile electronic design application service provider (ASP) that is backed by some of the biggest names in the industry. The press on this innovative company has been tremendous; see

KYLE'S CAR SELLS ON BESTOFFER.COM, becoming the historic First Car Sold on this high profile site. Now hundreds of cars are being sold through BestOffer's used car auction engine built by OMIX. See Dave's BMW ID# 219546. The total time to sell Kyle's car was about 30 minutes, counting filling in Web forms, showing the car once and doing DMV paper work. The buyer bought the car without seeing the car, just trusting the test drive and inspection given by BestOffer's mechanic. OMIX is immensely proud to have helped build this company that is already providing scores of exciting jobs and proving that Bay Area entrepreneurs are inventing better ways to do business.

VCs CONTINUE TO PUSH ADVANCED FEATURES. Six months ago it was industrial grade tools for Web sites (such as Sun, Oracle and WebLogic) that Venture Capitalists were pushing. Startup CTO's were made to understand the importance of picking these industrial grade tools. This push is continuing, but now VCs are encouraging even more advanced features. These include rules engines that help customize users' experiences as they explore a site, real time zooms and pans on products, and interactive chats with customer service. Content management systems are also being suggested. Features like these are increasing the average cost of an entry Web site, making shoestring .com startups increasingly rare.

WEBLOG/ENTERPRISE JAVABEANS IMPROVE SITE RELIABILITY. Customers are continuing to find that most Web sites written with simple or inexpensive Web technologies are not able consistently to complete E-Commerce transactions. Typically, the costs saved with these inexpensive tools are quickly lost through increases in failed purchase attempts by Web site users. About 30% of OMIX's projects involve porting unreliable systems onto the much more reliable WebLogic/EJB platform.

MAINTAINABILITY AND SCALABILITY are other aspects of reliability that WebLogic and EJB significantly improve. Future programmers can modify and debug sites that are written in modern EJB architecture much more easily than is possible with conventional sites. The most common modification is scaling the site to handle more users. With WebLogic, a single NT system can be scaled by clustering in more systems. The same software can eventually scale to 20 or more Sun supercomputers in a cluster.

OPINIONS ON THE WEB are very popular, because they can provide a substitute source of comfort to potential customers who are accustomed to holding a product, talking to a sales person or comparing a product to other products on the shelf. has been providing a forum for opinions on books, letting users post their opinions and other users rate their opinions of the reviews. Other useful opinion sites are (for products), (products) and (rates e-tailers).

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