April 2000

ONECHANNEL.NET GOES LIVE. OneChannel.net tracks e-retailers' sales so that e-retailers and manufactures can get real-time reports on sales performance (see the animated demo on OneChannel.net's home page). The OMIX built back end for this site is key to a new phenomenon called Real-time Marketing. Marketing decisions in the old economy are based on quarterly or yearly cycles; the new net economy can be tracked in minutes or seconds with a tool such as OneChannel.net's. This allows a marketer to respond to market changes in real-time and see right away whether the response works. For example if your OneChannel.net report shows that sales have dropped on a key product, a marketer might discover that treet prices on the product have dropped and respond with a price change on the product, all in minutes.

FIND OUT WHAT OS AND WEB SERVER a site is running by typing in its URL at www.netcraft.com/whats/. Another handy site is www.register.com, which tells you who has a URL name registered and their contact information. Register.com will also tell you if the URL is not in use and will help you register it. 2B HOT, B2C NOT WITH VCS. Market gyrations have made VCs nervous about funding some Web startups. Business to Consumer (B2C) is out of fashion with VCs currently. Many sites are scrambling to become B2B sites. Other companies are trying to tap into the fashionable infrastructure market, which includes Internet Professional Services (like OMIX), Application Service Providers (ASP), networking and hosting. From OMIX's point of view, the B2Cs are still coming up with some very innovative new business approaches. For example, DialPad.com gives you free long distance off the Internet to anywhere in the U.S - and it really works!

METACREATIONS.COM DOES 3-D ROTATION of products. This allows users to move a product in 3-D space to view it from all angles. However, Metacreations.com is limited in that the image is usually small and is a 3-D computer model of the object rather than a picture of the actual object. See www.styleclick.com for an example.

INTERWOVEN CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM provides users with an interface to update content both in a database and in Web pages. This tool is very useful for sites that have a a lot of content, want to allow updating privileges to many employees or want to control the workflow in getting content posted to a site. Interwoven can cost from $200K to over $1 million. See the demo that they show at 11:00 Wednesday and Friday via WebExp.com conferencing tool. Interwoven approaches sales prospects by beginning contact at registration, then having a sales rep contact you soon after the seminar finishes.

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