July 2000

OMIX ENGINE DRIVES FORD AUCTION. KimballResources.com, which purchases energy for Ford Motor Company, is now running energy auctions to purchase natural gas for Ford auto plants. This is the first of major company energy auctions hosted by Kimball Resources, built by OMIX. The auction components were built in OMIX's reusable Enterprise JavaBeans.

SEASONBYSEASON.COM IS BECOMING A HIT as the popular Season by Season cooking show (12:00 Noon Saturday, KQED-TV9) is carried by over 150 stations nationwide. This is over twice the number KQED predicted and a sign that Napa Valley Chef Michael Chiarello will soon become a household name. OMIX and Addwater are proud to have built this site and we are excited at the hockey stick growth in the number of visitors to the site.

SOFTWARE STANDARDS such as EJB (Java components), XML (eXtensible Markup Language), HTTP (Web protocal), J2EE (Java application specification) and SQL (database interface specification) seem to keep the large e-Commerce vendors focused on making high value products rather than focused on lock-in strategies. If Web sites are written with standards, it is possible to switch vendors. This approach is really working in Application Servers, where Java 2 Enterprise Edition is becoming the de facto standard, and companies such as BEA (WebLogic), ATG (Dynamo), IBM and Sun are all beginning to innovate around these standards.

WEBCONFERENCING GROWS IN POPULARITY. WebExpress.com helped define the market and evoke.com seems also to work well (see evoke.com for a good animated demo). A Web conference costs about $140 for a 1-hour conference for 10 people. Visuals are typically PowerPoint slides, and the phone is used for audio. BRICK AND MORTAR (BAM) COMPANIES that are moving to clicks and mortar are the buzz in the industry. All of the VCs are giving new Business to Consumer (B2C) sites a very hard time finding funding. Now the Intranet infrastructure industry is paying attention to the big companies again.

FULFILLMENT POINTERS OFFERED BY ALOM.COM, an OMIX fulfillment partner: 1) Be sure to assign a Fulfillment Czar for your company, who can make the many decisions on how to handle the shipping and returning of goods; 2) Identify shipment issues early, such as overseas tariffs, hazardous materials and alcohol shipments; 3) Figure out email and call center communications for customer orders. Although Alom can communicate with Web sites in several ways (like XML), the most popular is simple file uploads/downloads several times a day. The files contain order data from the Web site and shipment information from the fulfillment house.

VIRTUAL PAPERWEIGHT comes from buying a large hunk of software and never getting it integrated properly. You then become too embarrassed to unload it from your system and make public your mistake.

HOAXKILL.COM is a good place to check before believing certain emails or forwarding a chain letter.

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