August 2000

PASSPORTA.COM GOES LIVE to sell products from around the world with a Web site built by OMIX. This site is an excellent way to find unique gifts and useful products directly from the country that makes them. The site was built to handle multiple currencies and multiple languages as well. The Passporta site uses an application server and Java 2 Enterprise Edition standards (i.e. Enterprise JavaBeans and Java Server Pages).

AMAZON.COM SELLS CARS USING OMIX. through a partnership with, is now selling new cars on line. OMIX was key in rebuilding Greenlight's Web site into a cluster of WebLogic application servers using J2EE standards in order to handle Amazon's large volume of users. OMIX is proud to have designed the entire framework and to have built the key modules for this site. OMIX is also happy that the site performance is proving to be extremely fast despite the site volume generated by the national press attention. Although has been using WebLogic in several key areas of it's site, this is the first time Amazon has ever used Enterprise JavaBeans.

INFORMATION ARCHITECT PERFORMS A KEY ROLE in Web site development. The IA makes user interface decisions such as how to organize the site's information and how users navigate through the site. An IA also determines the placement of user interface devices such as pull down menus, navigation bars, scrolling lists, etc. The IA balances needs of the user, needs of the business and the technical limits of the browser interface in order to create a successful Web site.

USER EXPERIENCE ANALYST IMPROVES THE USER INTERFACE by first identifying the tasks of each key group of Web site users. Then focus groups of users can run through the tasks to determine the baseline usefulness of a site. The tasks can also be used to compare the effectiveness of several user interface prototypes that were developed by an Information Architect. The User Experience Analyst can make prioritized recommendations based on the quantitative and qualitative data from actual tests.

LATEST TREND IN VENTURE CAPITAL MONEY seems to be funding safer large startups that can then buy up small .com startups that are unable to get VC money on their own.

THE BIG NEWS ABOUT NAPSTER is not that it shares music, but rather that it is an example of the new architectures that Internet applications can use to run outside of a browser. OMIX has built Internet applications that do not use browsers. However, browser based sites and applications are dominant in the work that OMIX is doing at the current time. Perhaps as Internet connections continue to speed up and browser innovations continue to slow down, there will be a resurgence of non-browser based applications.

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