February 2001

CHECK OUT OMIX'S NEW WEB SITE. We are no longer the shoemaker'schildren! Our new site is a great place to learn about the software standards that guide most OMIX projects. Many of our projects are described in Success Stories, and the great press coverage that OMIX has been getting lately now has its own News section. Although navigation through the site is easy, we have introduced an innovative flash menu that can be used in novel ways. Check out the new logo as well, all at www.OMIX.com.

OMIX'S CONTENT MANAGEMENT WEB SEMINAR will explain how content management systems can be integrated with e-Commerce and Personalization systems. OMIX is one of the few companies in the world with expertise in this area. The Web Seminar will be held Wednesday, March 21 at 11:00 AM, and will be co-sponsored by Documentum and BEA Systems. Email or call Jim Chabrier to register (jimc@omix.com, 650-330-8960).

60% OF U.S. USES THE INTERNET, according to recent Nielsen / NetRatings. These 168 million people have Internet access in over 58% of the homes and most businesses. When technologies reach 60% adoption, new and unexpected things happen... With the Web infrastructure still in its infancy, OMIX predicts that companies that invest during this high tech slowdown will accelerate into the future.

OMIX'S HUMANISTIC CULTURE IS IN THE NEWS again with an article in TechRepublic. TechRepublic is also publishing a white paper by OMIX's COO Sandy Lillie called "Working Wonders with a Positive Company Culture: For Love and Money." Link to this from the News section of our new Web site, or see www.techrepublic.com/article.jhtml, or send email to Maxine@omix.com for copies.

BUSINESS-TO-BUSINESS DYNAMIC TRANSACTIONS come in 4 types: 1) Sourcing - typically uses a reverse auction that allows a single buyer to find the lowest price from many sellers. This is how Ford uses the OMIX-built Kimball site to buy natural gas; 2) Selling - where a single seller auctions off products to many buyers; 3) Exchange - were many buyers and sellers can find one another; and 4) Structured Negotiation - where a single buyer and a single seller set up a system that can help automate the terms of a sale. This is often done by providing a weighting of the different terms, so that an application can automatically select the most favorable combination of terms.

DOCUMENTUM ADOPTS BEA SYSTEMS' FREE DOWNLOADING method of marketing their content management software products. BEA currently gets over 80,000 product downloads a month and the free 90-day-limit downloads provide a primary prospecting list for BEA sales.

NY TIMES ARTICLE TOUTS THE ADVANTAGES OF INTRANETS, which also are called enterprise portals. It describes the benefits that IBM, Schwab, and Ford are enjoying as they use intranets to automate paperwork, find answers for customers, and enhance corporate information flow. See www.nytimes.com

FOR QUESTIONS OR TO RECEIVE OMIX NEWS call Kyle Hurlbut, Jim Chabrier at 650-330-8950 or sales@omix.com