March 2001

OMIX'S CONTENT MANAGEMENT WEB SEMINAR will explain how content management systems can be integrated with e-Commerce and Personalization systems. OMIX is one of the few companies in the world with expertise in this area. The Web Seminar will be held Wednesday, March 21 at 11:00 AM, and will be co-sponsored by Documentum and BEA Systems. Go to and enter the News section for a last minute Register Now link.

OMIX IS KEY PARTNER TO IPLANET'S COMPONENTS STRATEGY. See (3/20/01) for details on how OMIX Auction Components written for J2EE Application Servers are now being publicized as a valuable business-to-business addition to iPlanet's Application Server and developer community.

OMIX WINS "PSYCHOLOGICALLY HEALTHY WORKPLACE" Award given by the California Psychological Association, which is the world's second largest association of psychologists (after the APA). See for details. With a reputation for being at the cutting edge of new ideas in both technology and human relations, OMIX is the only Silicon Valley company to receive this special honor.

TECHREPULIC READERS DOWNLOAD OVER 2,600 COPIES OF OMIX white paper in the first two weeks of its posting. Link to "Working Wonders with a Positive Company Culture: For Love and Money" from the News section of the new OMIX Web site, or see

DEPARTMENT 2 DEPARTMENT INTEGRATION should really be a buzzword competing with Business 2 Business (B2B). Most departments of companies have separate databases, separate legacy systems and separate Web sites. Software standards can help define a common way for these systems to interact with each other. Perhaps your company's departments should be integrated even before you try to integrate with your outside partners.

BUSINESS 2 BUSINESS TRANSACTIONS WILL SKYROCKET TO $5.7 TRILLION by 2004 from $581 million in 2001 as more and more companies use the Web to buy products and services. AMR Research recently released this prediction in a new market study.

EXTREME PROGRAMMING or XP is becoming popular for some Java projects and among OMIX engineers. It breaks the development team into pairs of programmers who continually perform code review, unit testing and integration on each other's code. The result is that the application is updated into a running system every 2 to 40 working hours. This allows new software enhancements to be added more easily to a more recent version of the application, and it helps managers predict the future progress of programmers.

APPLICATION SERVERS ARE BECOMING THE OPERATING SYSTEM. You can write to an App Server and not worry about which operating system is being used.

PORTAL BUILDERS ARE BECOMING THE USER INTERFACE for building many personalized Web applications that consolidate information content. Often portal building tools are used with personalization tools so users can view customized Web pages that reflect the content best suited for them.

COLLOCATION FACILITIES ARE BECOMING THE DATA CENTER. Customers are finding that it often saves money to rent computer cage space and network connections at a collocation facility such as Exodus. They buy the computers and applications outright, then hire a Managed Service Provider such as Site Smith or Mimicom to perform ad hoc system administration. Companies are sometimes finding this roll-your-own approach less risky then completely outsourcing to an Application Service Provider (ASP).

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