April 2001

GE USES OMIX AUCTION SYSTEM to buy natural gas for several of itsfactories. This builds on the success that Kimball Resources has had in using its OMIX-built Auction Site to attract and close large energy purchasing projects for companies such as Ford, Chrysler and now GE.

EBAY.COM CONTINUES TO MAKE MONEY ON AUCTIONS by taking a small profit from each transaction.  eBay benefits from companies that use its service rather than run a private auction on an inexpensive, but fragile in-house auction engine. The problem for these companies is that they give up control of their customers and perhaps give up profits when they run an auction that is not (like Kimball's) targeted to a specific group of bidders.

OMIX'S DOCUMENTUM/BEA SEMINAR REPLAY is available online at: http://ebb.ops.placeware.com The OMIX presentation begins at slide 29, and you can select audio to play back the discussion on building transaction-oriented content management systems.

OMIX'S TIME TRACKING APPLICATION is now complete, built to facilitate tracking of services/projects/billing rates and other important information for multiple concurrent projects. OMIX did a product search, but found the solutions were either inadequate or in the $100K and above price range. OMIX decided to fund an internal project to build a system using Application Server architecture, so this time tracking application can be accessed anywhere on the Web.  It includes email reminders, Web administration tools for project/finance managers, billing reports and other handy features for a service-oriented business.

OUTSOURCING OF WEB APPLICATIONS continues to be a trend. Many sites can save money by outsourcing parts of a Web site such as content collection (see example OMIX-built site www.CubeCentral.com), appointment scheduling (see www.Xtime.com) and insurance quoting (see https://transact.channelpoint.com for an example).

RESEARCHING COMPANIES ONLINE is becoming quite easy. A Lycos site called www.CompaniesOnline.com lists over 1/2 million U.S. firms that are online. The list is searchable by SIC code, area code and other characteristics. Information including Web address, annual revenue and number of employees is offered. www.hoovers.com is a also good place to find out Dun & Bradstreet and other similar information on a company. Companies can be found by SIC codes, which categorize the kinds of business in which they are engaged, at www.siccodes.com.

SUBSCRIPTION SERVICES ARE HOT. In the old days of the Web, subscriptions were supposed to pay for site access.  Consumers resisted, and a free, banner ad supported model took over. Now, with the new emphasis on profits, some companies are rethinking a subscription strategy. www.ConsumerReports.org kept a subscription model all along, and now they have a base of loyal paying customers. Subscription services help make your cash flow more predictable, and customers can sign up with a low up front commitment. OMIX has built backend infrastructures for these kinds of services, which are typically E-Commerce systems with a twist. Subscription systems often require activation applications, ongoing billing and automatic renewal capabilities.

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