May 2001

OMIX JACKPOT OFFERS A FINDER'S FEE for passing leads to OMIX, before 6/30/01, that turn into projects. Simply send your lead to, and a 3% finder's fee will be paid on the revenue generated from that project. If you pass this offer on to a friend of yours, you receive 1% and your friend receives 2%. See the details below.

OMIX GETS INTERNATIONAL PRESS with an in depth piece that aired on Swiss National Public Radio on May 19th. This followed a story carried on KTVU Channel 2 10:00 news earlier in May. OMIX continues to attract attention from receiving the 'Psychologically Healthy Workplace' Award given by the California Psychological Association.

BETTER MARKETING WITH STICKIES. OMIX recommends that sites include simple Web applications that your customers and partners come back for time and time again. These make your site stickier. For example, OMIX built a router upgrade credit and configuration calculator for Cisco (see, click tools button, demo only, there are nonworking links). For MTV, OMIX built a voting game for the presidential campaign. Feedback can be solicited on your site with a simple two-button question: 'Did you find what you were looking for - Yes or No'. 'No' brings up a pre-filled in feedback form (see example at

WEBINARS ARE AN EFFECTIVE WAY TO FIND PROSPECTS, as OMIX found from its joint Webinar held with Documentum and BEA Systems. The people who signed up for the seminar were an excellent list of potential customers, even though about 50% were ultimately unable to attend the online seminar. OMIX also found that the logistics and costs of setting up for a Webinar were trivial compared with a physical seminar. Webinars are effectively run with software from, which also has technology for remote software demonstrations and remote console control that helps engineers do remote consulting.

NON-HIGH TECH COMPANIES ARE KEEN ON OMIX. While many high tech Silicon Valley companies are experiencing a slowdown, OMIX is finding fresh interest from non-high tech companies. Often they have built a Web site and have begun to create extranets (Web and network connections to partners, secured by passwords and/or other means). However, they now feel the need to improve their customer and partner experiences. Some extranets merely connect computers in one company to computers in another company. An effective, well-featured extranet can increase revenue through incremental productivity gains in factory/order scheduling and customer relationship management.

INTERNET GROWTH CONTINUES, with AOL adding 1/2 million new subscribers each month to its now 29 million subscribers. AOL subscribers bought $6.7 billion on the Internet in Q1, a 71% increase over last year. Yahoo daily page views increased 22% from Q4 2000, to 1.1 billion per day in Q1 2001.

BUSINESS TO CONSUMER NICHES SURVIVE. .COMs are surviving with a scaled down revenue model. Although market momentum is now with established companies further developing their substantial markets (, etc.), some COMs are succeeding by servicing niche categories. However, these categories usually support only small revenues, small marketing budgets and small Web site budgets. The revenues are based on real product sales or subscriptions fees, not banner ads or micro-fees collected for directing Web surfers to other sites. Most of the bells and whistles that B2C sites were planning, such as wireless, portals and personalization, are now found more often on profitable B2B sites.

CHEAP APPLICATION SERVERS are now being used by many sites. Application Servers are the software hubs that provide almost all Web, database and interface services for an application. If a Web site needs only basic services, WebLogic Express at $4,000 is a good starter. If very low expense is necessary, even at the cost of uncertain support and reliability, some users are choosing public domain Application Servers. Both WebLogic Express and public domain Application Servers follow the Java 2 Enterprise Edition spec for compatibility.

FASTTREE.COM OFFERS A FREE NEWSLETTER SERVICE that lets you track how many times a newsletter is passed beyond the original recipients, and also provides links to get newsletter feedback.

INTERESTING SITES include:, where the Web graphics are shared by the newsletter to increase leverage; does a nice job with Flash graphics and user interface; and provides a video talk to explain a complex product - (select your Internet connection speed, and when the demo starts click on the blue arrow at the bottom right to move into the core of the presentation).

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