June 2001

SF CHRONICLE WRITES ABOUT OMIX in an article targeted for July 1st in the Sunday At Work section.  In this article, the Chronicle compares the OMIX culture to other Silicon Valley companies. OMIX's culture results in an exceptionally low turnover rate and an ability to focus on our customers' needs much more than is typical in other professional service companies.

OMIX WEB SITE MARKETING IS KEY as the New Economy focuses on financial payback.  It is no longer good enough to build a site and assume the site will pay for itself in the future.  A marketing infrastructure must be put in place to drive new visits as well as return visits to the site.  This could include newsletters, public relations, email campaign and other marketing initiatives.

OPERATIONS STRATEGY PLAYS BIG ROLE for OMIX's extranet projects (Web sites for a company's trusted partners/customers). Operations strategy includes the process of understanding your current process and then designing an optimal process that takes advantage of extranet technology.  The idea is not just to automate the old process with all its problems, but rather to re-engineer a better process and bake this into the extranet from the beginning.

LIQUIDATION AUCTION WITH EBAY. Liquidation auctions often are low margin projects, which cannot justify the purchasing of OMIX Auction Components.  For these low cost auctions, OMIX can create a marketing infrastructure that drives traffic to your specific auction on eBay.  The placing of items for auction can be automated once an optimized operations strategy (see above) is put into place, so that potentially numerous auctions don't overwhelm your staff with the logistics of entering descriptions or images and fulfilling the auction orders.

TRUEQUOTE.COM RUNS PRIVATE BID/ASK MARKETS that can allow your company to sell its surplus commodities.  If your surplus items are not a commodity, OMIX can help to tailor a specialty bid/ask market for your product using Truequote.com.

WEB SERVICES IS THE HOT TOPIC IN THE INDUSTRY. A Web Service is a new feature of Internet architecture that provides useful information (for example, stock quotes) off the net for a subscription fee.  You can write applications that communicate with these services via the eXtensible Markup Language (XML): for example, a stock chart of your company's stock.  SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) defines how Web Services use XML to pass parameters to Web Services, and how they use Web mechanisms (HTTP) to get through firewalls.  Camps are forming around Microsoft's .NET way of doing Web Services (which offers new technologies like C#, good coding tools, simplicity and great marketing) and the Java community's way (which uses proven Java (J2EE) standards, multi-vendor suppliers and more industrial grade capabilities).

TELEMARKETING BREAKS INTO NEW MARKETS when traditional markets are suffering a slowdown.  Stephan Schiffman writes several great books on the ins and outs of telemarketing.  Telemarketing to industrial companies does not carry the same stigma as consumer telemarketing typically does, because smart business people are open to new ideas if they are effective and help fix relevant business problems.  ProspectMiner from Update.com is a good tool for getting telemarketing leads.  You define the type of company you are looking for, and ProspectMiner performs an automatic search across the Web (this is called using a spider) that compiles the companies that fit your search criteria.  Other handy Web sites are siccodes.com to find companies by SIC code and zapdata.com or hoovers.com to buy leads.

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