July 2001

WIRELESS APPLICATIONS FOR ENTERPRISES are starting to emerge in the wake of disappointing consumer applications launched in the U.S. Currently, there are significant problems in building wireless enterprise applications, because standards are still evolving - (OMIX is cheering on the J2ME standard). For help in building these applications, companies like OMIX can turn to wireless tool providers such as mobileID. mobileID provides tools that allow an application to be written just once, for use by a variety of cell phone and palm devices. These tools can also enable the applications to be deployed globally, simply by plugging in the relevant driver for a region's required services. Some application ideas include:

  • Extending the Enterprise: Corporations can provision employee cell phones so that employees can accesscorporate information, including emails and intranet information like phone lists, while on the move.
  • Location Based Applications: Users can find the nearest ATM, obtain directions from their current location, or determine which employee is closest to a location requiring service.
  • Business Applications: Wireless devices can be used to enter time card information, view order lead-times, or download data for viewing from any location.

E-TAILER STOCKS ARE GOING UP. It is interesting to note that many e-tailer stocks are up for 2001. For example, Priceline.com is up 700%, Travelocity.com is up 146%, eBay.com is up 130% and 1-800- flowers.com is up 250%. Business Week (7/23/01) says the average e-tailer stock has soared 98% this year.

E-LEARNING IS TAKING OFF to become a $46B industry by 2005 (Nat. Inst. of Stands. & Tech.). The Masie Center (N.Y. based think tank) says that 92% of large organizations are implementing some form of online learning this year. Companies are finding that e- learning dramatically lowers costs and even improves learning retention. Employees like the flexibility in scheduling, and they like not having to travel. Some local e-learning companies are DigitalThink.com, Docent.com, Saba.com and SmartForce.com. SmartForce offers a free sample course under the "What is e- learning" tab (requires registration).

THE HARD PART OF WEB DEVELOPMENT for most companies comes after they have put together stand-alone Web sites. Techniques for tying companies together are gaining prominence, such as the eXtensible Markup Language (XML). Companies are accruing significant advantages from connecting in a more programmatic way to their suppliers, partners and customers. But to do this requires new engineering skills, which often must be contracted from consulting companies like OMIX.

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