Sepetmber 2001

FREE ARCHITECTURE EVAULATION offered by OMIX. (See final OMIX news item below for details).

SOFTWARE ASP MODEL IS GAINING MOMEMTUM. Traditional application service providers (ASP) rent big name applications such as SAP, Oracle or PeopleSoft, but are not making money (see penny stocks Corio & USinternetworking).  The ASP model does seem to be working for a new type of software company that develops its own software and then rents it out (see, and Customer advantages can include low per user monthly fees, browser based accessibility, continual updates and easy administration without using technical staff. OMIX has built many sites that use the ASP model.

SMART MARKETING NEEDED IN UNCERTAIN MARKET. OMIX is responding to current market conditions by ramping up our internal and partner resources to help ensure the marketing success of our customers. This includes help in fleshing out your marketing strategies, defining programs and practices appropriate to your business, and integrating this planning with your Web site development efforts - including site navigation/design and backend technology choices. According to Direct!Direct!, a direct response and database marketing agency that partners with OMIX, the following tried and true principles and practices of classic direct marketing are often the right starting point for Web sites:

  1. Identify/quantify working assumptions about who your customers are and what they want.
  2. Establish key quantifiable marketing benchmarks, such as promotion response rates and the value of customers over time.
  3. Test and measure to get better over time.
  4. Define key opportunities to up-sell, cross-sell, and build repeat business.

GOOGLE.COM IS GROWING VERY FAST, with a 73% (BW 9/24/01) leap in traffic this year. Even its ad revenue is growing, partly due to using text instead of graphical banner ads. The text ads get a lot of clicks-throughs, since they don't look like ads.

YAHOO IS COOL as it continues to add more and more features. They are providing a ton of free services to get eyeballs, including:

  1. Groups - Yahoo bought eGroups, which does a good job of managing personal group emails.
  2. Bookmarks - allows your Yahoo bookmarks to follow you wherever you log onto the Web.
  3. Messaging - gives you instant messaging; audio and video are available for the brave.

XML EXPANDING WITH PAGE DISPLAY STANDARDS. One of the most popular Internet standards is the eXtensible Markup Language (XML), which defines data in such a way that computer applications can use it. HTML is the older standard that humans can most easily read (in a Web page). New standards are being added to XML such as eXenstible Stylesheet Language (XSL), which defines how an XML file should be displayed on the Web or on a wireless device.

FREE WEB SERVICES SEMINAR and free lunch will be given by BEA addressing how the WebLogic Application Server supports Web Services.  The lunch seminar will be held Thursday, October 4, 11:15 to 2:30 at Ricky's Hyatt in Palo Alto.  Register at

FREE INTERNET ARCHITECTURE EVUALATION available to selected friends of OMIX and readers of this Newsletter. An OMIX Senior Architect will review your architecture onsite in the Bay Area and give you a one-page summary of recommendations for improving the scalability, reliability, security or e-commerce capability of your Web site. used OMIX's architecture expertise when they added their new car-selling site. What do they know, that you could learn?

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