November 2001

INTERNET TRAFFIC GROWS 300% in 2001 according to Forbes 12/10/01 and Larry Roberts (Arpanet founder). Not bad for a bad year and a Sign that, when all is said and done, the Net may surprise the pessimists more than the optimists after all!

TRICKS FOR SEARCH ENGINE PLACEMENT help keep new visitors coming to your Web site. OMIX suggests the following:

    HOME PAGE TITLE - use about 8 words to describe site.
    DESCRIPTION - use 15 words on this hidden tag.
    KEYWORDS - use 15 words & reinforce with home page text.
    CROSS LINKS - Google likes lots of cross-linking.
    ANNOUNCE - at Yahoo & for $299 each.
    DOUBLE-CHECK - that your site gets listed on engines.
    ITERATE - which engines are sending you visitors, tune.

PALMTOP PLATFORM WARS continue, and although Palm's simplicity currently appeals to most people, the Windows CE platform is coming up strong. It is making inroads as a corporate standard by allowing CIO's to deploy more robust applications, such as sales automation (see While Palm has been very slow to innovate, the CE platform has been shrinking in size, adding hard disks, and adding more desktop applications. Palm's simplicity may start to look primitive.

SPAM, SPAM, SPAM, SPAM - would you like some more spam? Spam is junk email selling something, hopefully much worse than OMIX News. I get about 15 spam emails per day from having spambot programs scan for email addresses, from registering on Web sites, and from using my address on technical discussion boards. Spammers pay almost nothing to send out 20,000 emails, so even one purchase can make it worthwhile. Meanwhile, you may spend half an hour or more each month deleting these messages. You can fight spam with filters, complaints and fake email addresses, as described below.

SPAM FILTERS can be found on most email clients. They look for specific words in an email's title or body, specific bad sender addresses, or certain formats such as all capitals or HTML email. These filters take time to configure and can make mistakes, so users often send this spam to a junk email folder for periodic review. Spam filters can be set up on your email server if your group can agree on what to filter (see

SPAM COMPLAINTS are not as simple as them may seem. If you reply to an email asking to be removed, you may be confirming that your email address is valid and that you read spam. (Again, this doesn't apply to OMIX News, of course!) If you are a little bit technical, you can manually make a fake bounce reply email, which may get your address removed. Heavy techies may be able to figure out an email's hidden Internet Service Provider and server administrator, and send a polite (or, in some cases, expressive) message to let them know that they are helping a spammer. See:

FAKE EMAIL ADDRESSES to evade spam can be obtained by simply opening a free email account and using that address for all dubious registrations and communications. Some email systems provide an address that will forward email to your real email address, but that can be deleted (without affecting your primary address) if the secondary address starts receiving too much spam. and will forward email and filter for spam as well for about $10 to $20 per year.

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