January 2002

OMIX CREATIVE TEAM JUMPS INTO POOLS with a site for Alpha West Marketing Group (www.alphawest.com).  This site is the first in OMIX and Alpha West's plan to link pool manufacturers into an Internet business-to-business hub.  Currently, like most industries, the pool industry manages supply chain information by using telephones, faxes and gut feel.  Speaking of pools, mouse over www.AquaQuip.com's home page; it has a snazzy interactive pool water effect, free from www.AnfyTeam.com.

WWW.FOOTHILLS-CLUB.ORG GOES LIVE with a new site designed by OMIX. Foothills Club needed a site that would give the homey feeling of the club while being simple enough for all ages to use.  The user interface was designed using the persona techniques popularized by Cooper Interactive.  Through extensive interviews, it was determined that a fictitious "persona" we called Susan Owen represented a 40ish tennis-playing swim team mother and target user.  Once this target user was identified, many aspects of the user interface fell into place.  For example, the site was first conceived as a standard information site targeting potential new members of the club.  But when "Susan Owen" came into focus as a user, the site became much more of an information portal for club members.

SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE QUOTES OMIXIAN Kimberly Wiefling about how former employees are creating informal support groups that can help in finding (or when not finding) new jobs, and when starting new ventures.  Kyle has long found that former co-workers from Sun Microsystems and Hewlett-Packard form an extended corporate family that is great to be part of.  See "Peer Support" by Julie Lynem 1/13/02 http://www.sfgate.com/...

DATA STORAGE COST DROPS LIKE A ROCK from $200/Gbyte in 1996 to $2/Gbyte in 2001 - not bad for 5 years!  This makes it possible to affordably create Internet applications with significantly more dynamic content. An example of this is the integration of Content Management Systems with Application Servers.

CONTENT MANAGEMENT FOR INTERNET TRANSACTION APPLICATIONS. OMIX is a world leader in integrating Content Management Systems (CMS) into the Application Server environment.  In a recent Webinar jointly hosted by OMIX, Documentum, and BEA Systems, OMIX presented an example of a complex Internet transaction system with dynamic content generated from the CMS. OMIX demonstrated how the Documentum CMS could be used to serve up recipes (or other dynamic content) that reference food product purchase information (or whatever is being sold through the E-Commerce system). In this example, the food product purchase pages also point back to the associated recipes in which the food can be used. OMIX also can use Documentum to manage content stored as XML. XML makes it possible to tag chunks of content for easier reuse or resale via a Web Service (i.e., a service that delivers information content for which other companies, hopefully, are willing to pay).

HOW INDUSTRY & FINANCIAL ANALYSTS REPORT.  Many high-tech companies believe that you have to be a customer of the analyst's company in order to get mentioned in industry reports.  The least expensive way to do this is to negotiate the cheapest possible yearly contract and to hire speakers from the analyst's company as needed.  Unfortunately, it is likely that investment analysts typically provide the best coverage to companies that might be customers for their investment banking services as well.

INTERNET SELLING WAS GOOD FOR CHRISTMAS and finished even the bad year of 2001 with 20% growth, when traditional retailers where flat.  Amazon.com even posted its first profitable quarter, exceeding analyst's expectations.  Interestingly, 40% of the $53B spent in 2001 was from travel sites. http://www.msnbc.com/...

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