March 2002

HOW TO BUILD THE RIGHT PRODUCT - Faster, Better, with Fewer Resources will be the topic of OMIX VP Kimberly Wiefling's speech at the Software Development Conference & Expo, on 4/24/02 at 2:45.

FREE MARKETING NEWSLETTER from Robert Middleton impresses OMIX as, first of all, a good example of how to use newsletters and a Web site to drive business. Some particularly interesting issues address how to sell with a focus on Return on Investment (the only way in this market), and how to make an effective site (get eyeballs!) on the cheap. Drop me a line if you'd like me to send you a copy.

SPEAKING OF INEXPENSIVE WEB SITES, OMIX has produced quite a few. Although very affordably priced, the creators of these Web sites were often the same OMIX designer who art directed NBCi and parts of, or the same technologist who architected the first car sales site for For projects that require skills outside of OMIX's range, we have partner companies to fit almost any budget and talent needed. Examples of some low budget sites our team created are, and (my swim club).

LOOK AT PORTALS (if you haven't already) as a great way to use the Web for keeping a company's employees or partners updated. A portal is like a Yahoo page that presents the most commonly needed information to a targeted user. They often are customizable. Employees at big Silicon Valley companies such as Sun and HP become addicted to viewing information on their internal company portals. BEA's partners make use of the BEA partner portal, and BEA has recently announced BEA WebLogic Portal, which OMIX is a fan of since it uses a standard J2EE architecture. To view a quick animated demo of how a portal looks, see

LIQUIDATION WITH EBAY has been a popular way to go for failed .COMs. The surprise is, friends are reporting that the price of things sold on eBay is actually quite high. This is good news for sellers. Buyers seem not to mind paying for the convenience of finding almost anything they want in one place. And if the product is used or in low demand, there are still some great bargains. Whole businesses are based entirely on selling only through eBay, and there are books on how to do this (see

PHOTOSHOPPING IS THE NEW RAGE among everyday photo buffs, as digital photography is taking off and even ordinary folks are getting into Photoshop and the amateur version, Photoshop Elements. Professionals have been creating Web sites with Adobe Photoshop for years, but now they're not the only ones eliminating redeye from flash photos, cropping, or even combining photos in the creative (often irreverent) way called photoshopping. Slightly offensive examples are at:

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