April 2002

KTSF.COM CHANNEL 26 IS RELAUNCHED with new OMIX-developed pages, graphics and Chinese/English language programming guide. OMIX's Creative Director is working on KTSF's new on air graphics, too. "KTSF, Channel 26 was looking to update our Web site, and OMIX has helped us accomplish this and then some! The OMIX engineers, graphic artists, and project manager have kept my project on time, on budget and accurate - not an easy task, given the fact that the site had to be developed in more than one language (Chinese)!" says Lisa Yokota, Director of Marketing at KTSF.

COOL HOME PAGES can be seen at www.coolhomepages.com∑duh. When doing a site redesign, it's very helpful if you can point to sites
or aspects of sites that you like. OMIX's design team is masterful at coming up with a look that expresses what you want, whether that is a casual, backyard look (www.foothills-club.org), a multicultural look (www.ktsf.com), or the simply fabulous (www.omix.com). To learn from mistakes, take a look at www.webpagesthatsuck.com, I picked up some user interface tips from www.didotv.com

BUSINESS PLANNING FOR THE UPTURN. OMIX feels a quickening of the pulse in our world of building Web infrastructures. This is confirmed by Bizrate.com, which reports that Internet sales of new goods (not counting travel) has soared 41% to $11.6B in Q1 of 2002. Business Week Online similarly is finding that funding for new Web projects is increasing as these projects promise better returns on investment: www.businessweek.com/...
To prepare for this upturn, OMIX has been honing our business processes and vision. Ian Jacobson (www.jacobsenconsulting.com) has provided us with some wonderful assistance in clarifying our strategic vision, mission, values, goals and responsibilities. Don Johnston does Manufacturing & Operations Consulting (see http://home.earthlink.net/~djconsulting/). For OMIX Don did a great job of creating new financial models for our operations.

TECHNOLOGY PLANNING FOR THE BUSINESS UPTURN is something that OMIX helps other companies to do. Our senior consultants work with companies to identify how technology can make them more effective at less cost by streamlining and integrating their operations, while serving customers in ways that outstrip the competition.

WEB SERVICES SUFFERED A BLOW when Microsoft quietly canceled its Hailstorm/MyServices project. Web Services is a method for building Web-based applications that depend on information feeds from other applications on the Net. MyServices was supposed to keep personal contact and credit card information so that users would not have to retype it, no matter where on the net they logged on. Any E-Commerce site could get this information as a Web Service from Microsoft. It turns out that partner companies and consumers didn't want to entrust this information to one company. The blow to Web Services is that techies believed they could count on Microsoft to maintain a Web Service once they built it into an application. To avoid the risk that an outside company like Microsoft could disable a business-critical application, Web Services might have to be deployed only inside a company.

EXTREME DISK SPACE. If trends continue, in three years (by 2005) it will be commonplace to have 1 Terabyte of disk storage on your desktop. That is enough space to hold 25,000 CDs or 14,000 DVD-quality films. 14,000 DVDs is the equivalent of every major studio movie that has come out since World War II.

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