June 2002

EXODUS AND OMIX TOGETHER CLOSE $228,000 PER YEAR hosting project. The customer found OMIX by searching the Web and finding OMIX's unique combination of Documentum and WebLogic integration skills. The OMIX/Exodus partnership continues to flourish since starting in 1996. Exodus has provided OMIX with its Internet connect since 1996 and it has never been down (100% uptime). OMIX often hosts small sites as they are starting up and then moves them to Exodus for industrial grade hosting. Exodus was recently bought by Cable & Wireless which means that their tremendously built out data centers have secure deep pockets to keep them operational through the .com turmoil.

OMIX'S "E-COMMERCE COMPONENTS J2EE" HIT #1 search results on Google and Yahoo. "E-Commerce Components" similarly hit #3 and #11. This link via the Sun Java Solutions Marketplace is bringing in one lead per week for OMIX's multi-language, multi-currency E-Commerce engine source code product. 3 of these leads are in contractual talks.

WHY OWN E-COMMERCE COMPONENTS? E-Commerce shrink-wrapped software and E-Commerce Application Service Providers (your E-Commerce hosted by 3rd party) seem like economical alternatives to owning the source code on a standards based E-Commerce engine (made of Java components). However, OMIX has found that E-Commerce sites almost always change features, change the scale of their system or change their business direction. If you don't have control over your E-Commerce infrastructure you are stuck waiting for a 3rd party to make enhancements or wait until you throw out the system and shop for another solution with the new features you need. Both are painful. I was just ordering plane tickets on Orbitz.com and noticed that they were displaying flight options that did not have any seats available. Now if Orbitz.com does not own their E-Commerce infrastructure, they may not be able to add a simple feature to pre-check availability for years to come. This is bad news for a company whose brand is dependent on their Web site.

"BAD GIRL" HITS #1 on Google and MSN for a pointer to the popular Bad Girl Swirl Web site that OMIX recently re-launched. Bad Girl is an incredibly popular search term and to get #1 on the search engine results is great. Bad Girl Swirl is the marketing site for a popular series of humor books by Cameron Tuttle. OMIX did a search engine re-listing service for the site with very successful results. "Bad Girl Swirl" came up #1 on all 8 of the most popular search engines.

J2EE PHOBIC? TRY WEBLOGIC'S WORKSHOP which is a new tool from BEA that is targeted to making it easier for non-Java 2 Enterprise Edition programmers to create sophisticated Web based applications and Web Services. Programmers unskilled in J2EE have often turned to Cold Fusion or Visual Basic Script when they needed a backend database or service, but then later find they are locked in to a one-vendor solution that is hard to scale. Workshop generates standard J2EE code that can be run many vendors' application servers.

DOONESBURY.COM CELEBRATES ITS 7TH ANNIVERSARY in Sunday's strip (6/23/02). OMIX is proud to have created the first Doonesbury.com, which established its popularity back in 1995.

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