July 2002


GETTING SMART WITH BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE SOFTWARE. Despite the generally slow software market, business intelligence software is selling well. Products such as Business Objects, Cognos and Hyperion are being used to view and analyze internal business data so that managers can make better decisions. The challenge on the back end is that this data comes from many different existing databases. The advantage on the front end is that this new software makes it easier for non-programmers to create ad hoc queries, reports, interactive dashboards and Web-based reports.

DRIVING WITH A DIGITAL DASH BOARD. A digital dashboard is simply a Web page or network aware application that presents real time data on your business. Graphic gauges, charts or color-coded maps can be displayed to make the information easy to interpret and to signal any alarming conditions. Digital dashboards are useful not only in business intelligence software, but also for monitoring any important business function, such as the real time performance of an e-commerce Web site.

OMIX J2EE/DATABASE TOOLS. New customers are discovering the usefulness of OMIX technology, including two powerful OMIX database tools. The first tool is the OMIX Database Building Tool, which allows Java programmers to quickly design a relational database (schemas and tables) in a simple text table, without complex database commands (no SQL). The second tool is the OMIX Application to Database Connector, which uses the same simple text table to allow a Java programmer to specify a database interaction. This tool allows programmers to quickly connect Java desktop applications to a database. Sexy stuff!

DON'T BE SCARED OF GHOST PAGES, also called Doorway Pages. A Ghost Page is a copy of your Web site's home page that is designed to attract the attention of a particular search engine. For example, if Google responds better when the body text of your home page matches your keywords, you may create a Ghost Page, that is submitted to Google, that is stuffed with lots of extra sentences containing your favorite keywords. However, this page should still make sense to your human visitors as well.

GET A FREE REPORT THAT RANKS YOUR TOP 3 KEYWORD PHRASES. For the first 10 OMIX Newsletter subscribers who contact me at kyle@OMIX.com, we will provide a report that analyzes how your top 3 keyword phrases (up to 3 words in each) are ranked by the top 3 search engines. OMIX is doing a number of search engine placement projects to help companies that want to improve their search engine rankings through either free or Pay for Performance strategies.

GET A FREE WHITE PAPER ON HOW SEARCH ENGINES WORK. Contact Kyle@OMIX.com, and we'll send you a free copy of this introductory paper. This may be useful to you if you're struggling to figure out how to get more hits on your site via the search engines.

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