August 2002

BADGIRLSWIRL.COM TRIPLES SALES and quadruples click-throughs to, after OMIX enhances the marketing site for the popular series of Bad Girl humor books. Enhancements included performing a search engine listing service, making the items for sale more visible, and adding more products.

ENRON TOPLES, KIMBALL RESOURCES THRIVES using energy auction system built by OMIX. Kimball has been successfully helping Ford, Chrysler and GE buy natural gas by running reverse auctions to find the cheapest suppliers of energy for their largest manufacturing plants. Now that Enron is out of the energy trading business, new clients are approaching Kimball Resources to run Web based energy auctions for them with this OMIX-built software.

E-TAILING UP 24% AGAIN IN Q2. U.S. Census Bureau reports that e-commerce continues to grow, with 24% more retail U.S. revenue coming through Web sites (not counting the travel or finance industries) in Q2, 2002 than in Q2, 2001 ($10.2B vs. $8.2B). This is an even greater increase than Q1, which grew 20% over last year. During the same period, brick and mortar retailing grew at only 2.5%.

J2EE TRANSACTION APPLICATIONS ARE SOUPED UP by Persistence's EdgeXtend, which improves caching on WebLogic and WebSphere Application Servers. Caching is a technique that speeds up applications by keeping the most frequently accessed data in memory, rather than on a disk in a database. EdgeExtend improves on standard J2EE caching by allowing you to run multiple application servers, all caching the same data locally while synchronizing to one central database. This especially improves performance in remote areas that may not have good access to your central database. As financial transactions become more global, speed improvements to your remote offices can translate into million of dollars of savings, by allowing financial information to be passed more quickly.

DEFCON SECURITY CONVENTION this month in Las Vegas was attended by OMIX. The attendees were about an even mix of security experts and hackers. Most conference speakers wore black and few used their real names. One highlight of the convention was an activity called "war driving," whereby 22 teams drove through Las Vegas looking for wireless WiFi networks with which they could connect. Of the several thousand networks these teams found, they reported that over 75% had encryption turned off. If your company has employees working at home, connected to your company's network (via a VPN), and they happen to have an unsecured WiFi network at home, then your company's network is wide open to hackers.

SUN'S SOFTWARE BECOMES ONE, under the name of SunONE (Sun Open Network Environment). Sun has offered numerous software programs, under different commercial names. Earlier this year, Sun converted all of these names to SunONE. Included in this change were the former iPlanet Web Server and Application Server products. Sun now offers its renamed SunONE Application Server for free. Other free and near free application servers that follow the J2EE specification are JBoss, Apple WebObjects ($699), and Appache/Tomcat (no EJBs). Currently, only the market leaders in application servers, BEA's WebLogic and IBM's WebSphere, seem able to charge for their application servers.

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