October 2002

AMAZON STOCK IS UP 46% for the year, a particularly bright spot among e-tailers, who generally are doing surprisingly well compared with the general market. (S&P 500 is down 27% for the year).

PERFECT TIME TO START A COMPANY.  It may seem counter-intuitive, but Silicon Valley is actually a great place to start a business right now.  Top engineering talent is very available, office space is priced to be anything more than nothing (especially subleases), and office furniture can be found at rock bottom prices.  Even Web sites can be built for very reasonable prices, from the very best of companies - like OMIX! 

GAMES ARE PUSHING COMPUTER HARDWARE.  Funny as it sounds, the fastest PC's are often purchased for playing PC based computer games.  Whole industries, such as the 3D graphics add-on companies have grown around this phenomenon.  Currently Nvidia, ATI, Intel and Matrox divide up most of the billion-dollar market.  With massively multiplayer online role playing games (MMORPGs), a fast computer can give you the edge in dealing with opponents, as compared with someone on a slower computer somewhere else on the Web.  Also, maximizing memory and processor speed can make these games a much more immersive experience.

SONY PLAYSTATION 2 GETS NETWORK CONNECTION, which is expected to attract millions of new users to massively multiplayer online role playing games (MMORPGs - not the catchiest acronym around!) One of the first games will be EQ Adventures, which is a version of Sony's popular Everquest game.  In the future, Internet connections such as this will provide capabilities such as movie downloads, designed to turn your game console into your entertainment hub.

GOOGLE ADDS NEWS to its search engine, searching several news feeds for your topic of interest.  It also posts the top stories of the day, by category. 

GOOGLE NOW OFFERS IMAGE SEARCH as well, which is a quick way to find a picture on the Web.

IF THE NETWORK IS THE COMPUTER, THEN SUN'S N1 is its operating system.  Sun announces that N1 will be built into all of its products, which will help IT people to manage computers as a networked group of resources rather than as many individual machines. This will especially help in providing automatic backup and reconfiguring when machines fail, and in sharing the load among multiple processors that are unevenly utilized.

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