December 2002

DIRECTIONS ON MICROSOFT RELAUNCHES with enhancements by OMIX, including new graphics, user interface elements, search engine placement service, and home page marketing message. Directions on Microsoft publishes a premium newsletter that tracks Microsoft technology developments. Check out for some great information about what Microsoft engineers are up to.

HANDHELDS MAKING MAJOR CORPORATE INROADS, according to an article in 11/4/02 The featured example is the ePocrates Palm-based prescription database (ePocrates Rx Pro [tm] at, which doctors can buy online using our own OMIX E-commerce components! According to Business Week, Gartner Dataquest estimates that the number of enterprise handhelds will grow from 4.7 million in 2002 to 7.7 million in 2004.

OMIX ENGINEERING/MARKETING TEAM LAUNCHES REALM CROSSING, PHASE 1, providing products (now) and services (soon!) for players of Sony's EverQuest massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). This budget site was put together at breakneck speed, but already is taking orders and effectively using marketing to build a strong email list of leads for the services being developed. The OMIX Creative Team not only designed the logo and site graphics especially for the EverQuest community, but also worked with OMIX partner to develop customized products for this target market. OMIX creativity is also proudly displayed in the product descriptions, which we had a lot of fun writing. We are not as proud of the photography, which was done as a freebee by yours truly, but this was all part of going from concept to first customer orders in less than 4 weeks! Phase 2 will be a much more sophisticated store. could become a major success if it can keep pace with online game subscription revenues, which Jupiter Research predicts will grow from $196 million this year to $1.4 billion over the next five years.

MAKE YOUR WEB SITE SELL FOR YOU! Successful Web sites today are being redesigned to make them into effective, active lead generation engines. To do this, sites must grab the viewer's attention on each page with a headline that speaks directly to the viewer's needs and concerns. For example, change "Electronic Parts List" to "Electronic Parts to Your Loading Dock Tomorrow." Also, convert your Web viewers into leads by offering a free newsletter, white paper, contest or other inducement for which they are willing to give you some contact information. At the very least, you could give away a white paper called "Twelve Things You Should Know Before Buying a ________," wherein you share your knowledge of your business by telling your customers some facts that will help them make better buying decisions.

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