January 2003

ANOTHER GOOD CHRISTMAS FOR E-TAILERS. The San Jose Mercury 12/17/02 reports that online sales were up 25% to 40% over last year. Between November 1st and December 16th Amazon.com had over 50.2 million orders, an increase of over 32% over last year. OMIX created the architecture for the first Enterprise JavaBeans based E-Commerce system at Amazon.com (shameless plug).

WEB SERVICES INSIDE THE FIREWALL. Web Services started out as a way to connect applications across the Internet, but seemed to lose their early sizzle when potential users didn't feel they could trust Web Services from other companies. They worried that another company might go out of business or stop supporting its Web Service offering, or they were uncomfortable entrusting sensitive data to another company. Web Services, however, continue to gain momentum inside corporations. The simplicity and loosely coupled nature of Web Services, although conceived originally for the entire Internet, is often a great architecture for connecting internal corporate systems.

A BETTER WAY TO CREATE INTERACTIVE BROWSER APPLICATIONS is now available from Versalent. Companies have built rich interactive browser based applications before, but these usually had the disadvantage of requiring some small change to the desktop or long load times for Java. Versalent's new tool gets around this by using the very simple JavaScript language as the basic building block for complex interactive applications. Try this out at http://www.versalent.com/sampleapps.html. Be sure to use the password and try a search for "CA" in the state field. Notice that this sample application even supports drag and drop from the Customer Notes field. Versalent's tool may be ideal for creating applications from internal corporate Web services.

CUSTOM PRODUCTS ORDERED FROM THE WEB continue to take off. For example www.Landsend.com features shirts and pants that are manufactured to your measurements. OMIX's latest site, www.RealmCrossing.com, offers exclusively custom products made with custom images from the players of Sony's EverQuest game.

SUN BUNDLES BEA'S WEBLOGIC WITH ITS OPERATING SYSTEM after having spent hundreds of millions of dollars trying to buy and develop its own application servers. When OMIX started developing with WebLogic, it was a beta product from what was then a 20-person company.

SOURCE CODE REDUCES RISK. CIO's are extremely risk averse in this economy, which is hurting many start-up companies. Somehow, buying mission critical software from an 18-month company just doesn't play so well in today's environment! As a way of dealing with this, OMIX has seen that some software companies are offering source code. For example, Versalent (mentioned above) offers its product in source code form. Even though OMIX has been in business for over 8 years, its ability to supply source code has still proven to be a significant competitive advantage in winning recent projects, since companies can modify an OMIX application without having to depend on OMIX or any other single vendor.

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