May 2003

AN E-COMMERCE ENGINE FOR THE TIMES - Ever at the leading edge of technology, OMIX has developed a new OMIX Lite E-Commerce Engine designed for today's tight budgets. Check it out at, where it is being used to sell Everquest (game by Sony) keepsakes. This e-commerce engine uses the Struts framework, which is a new open source, standards-based approach from the Apache Software Foundation. This framework enforces strict separation of the display and data portions of the Web site, making it possible for people of varying skills to revise and maintain the site much more easily and inexpensively. The new OMIX engine runs on the Tomcat servlet engine, which is free, standards based, and runs on almost any hardware. And, as you can see at, it is possible to modify the checkout process to suit a special product requirement, such as custom engraving. Of course, OMIX continues to offer its Java Beans based e-commerce engine, with multi-language, multi-currency functionality and the ability to categorize thousands of products dynamically (as used at, selling palm top based subscription database services). But if you don't need all these features, now you can get the latest J2EE-compliant technology on your site with a much more modest budget.

WHITEPAPER MARKETING ENGINE - is often subject to the "shoemakers' children syndrome" when it comes to making Web site enhancements. However, we actually do believe what we preach, and we're finally managing to implement some of our own advice! Phase 1 is just now rolling out, with small banner ads and the offer of free Whitepapers at, in an effort to increase our subscription base for this Newsletter. The idea is to turn one-time search engine visitors to our site into OMIX News subscribers, so that when they have technology needs they won't hesitate to call me with their potential projects (hint, hint :-). The Whitepapers are also useful for attracting search engine spiders (search Google or Yahoo for "whitepaper chat rooms screensavers" to find ours) - not to mention sharing information with prospective customers who express interest in a Whitepaper subject! Go ahead and get a free Whitepaper yourself; and if you find it valuable, tell your friends where you got it! The beauty of this marketing effort is that it expands without any variable advertising costs. Our grand strategy, as we roll out more features, is to make the OMIX Web site an effective marketing engine, so that people who need what we offer find out about us!

find out how spider friendly your site is. If you don't know what a spider is, find out at

LIGHTWEIGHT FLASH can be seen at HG Capital's site The graphics and flash for this site were created by OMIX designers, and the site was built by OMIX's marketing partner, As you enter the HG Capital homepage, Macromedia's flash technology animates its tag line. No need to check for a flash plug-in, since all new browsers have one. Using lightweight Flash makes entry into your site quicker than traditional Flash introductions like OMIX designers built for

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