June 2003

BAD GIRL SWIRL RECEIVES 2003 WEBBY NOMINATION from The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences (www.webbyawards.com). OMIX is proud of its home page design and the e-commerce and chat board work that it performed for www.badgirlswirl.com. Bad Girl Swirl is one of the most successful book community sites on the Web, with visitors posting thousands of messages on multiple topics. No wonder Bad Girl books continue to be top sellers without a lot of non-Web marketing expenses.

CIA FUNDS PIXLOGIC through its venture group In-Q-Tel (mentioned in OMIX News, February). OMIX designers helped by creating the design and revising the PiXlogic logo for the www.PiXlogic.com Web site. PiXlogic, based in Los
Altos, California, is a startup that builds software to analyze digital images and find matches to a reference image. OMIX is happy to work with pre-funded startups, and can be very creative in finding ways for them to afford the top quality work that OMIX provides.

WEB SITE AS SALES CHANNEL is an increasingly established part of how successful companies do business in today's
world. As with all sales channels, a sales manager must take responsibility for making this channel effective. He or she must determine how much investment is required to build the channel and what marketing should be done to support sales through this channel. For example, it may pay off to bring more "eyeballs" to the site (i.e., potential leads) by investing in pay-for-clicks.

OMIX OFFERS CREATIVE FUNDING FOR HIGH VOLUME ONLINE SALES CHANNELS. For companies interested in conserving cash now, but with good prospects for significant sales through a properly executed online sales channel, OMIX may be willing to provide its world-class e-commerce software and Web marketing expertise in exchange for a commission on the new sales that this generates. Contact Kyle at kyle@omix.com if you think your business might qualify for this new OMIX program.

WEB BASED SALES CALLS are here to stay, allowing a salesperson to run a presentation on your personal computer screen without you or the presenter having to go anywhere. Typically, these presentations require the use of www.WebEx.com or www.Placeware.com software, which can be used for individual sales calls or for sales seminars. Because this saves travel time and expense for everyone involved, customers are much more likely to attend such seminars and salespeople are able to sell to a much wider territory. Go to www.bea.com, News and Events, to see a current Webinar or repeat a previously presented one.

GOOGLE FIGHT is a site that figures out which words or phrases find more pages on Google. For example, WebEx vs Placeware comes in at 113,000 to 24,100, WebEx rules!

ERROR PAGES THAT WORK for you (rather than just frustrating prospects who are trying to visit your site) are becoming a standard feature of effective Web sites. See www.amazon.com/EEEE or www.ToTheWeb.com/EEEE for examples of working error pages, (in contrast to the standard error message page, as can be seen at www.WebbyAwards.com/EEEE). Working error pages can include a site map and key information about your company to help your visitors, and they can also be used to expand the ways that search engines find your site. For example, you might include specific location information like "Redwood City Web Developer" or "Silicon Valley Web Design" that you don't want to put on your Home Page.

FOR QUESTIONS, REMOVALS, OR TO RECEIVE OMIX NEWS, contact Kyle Hurlbut at 650-364-1598, kyle@OMIX.com. See www.OMIX.com