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Silicon Valley Company Wins "Psychologically Healthy Workplace" Award: OMIX Co-Founders to Accept Honor on March 30th
March 12, 2001

OMIX Creates "Five Star" E-Commerce Site for NapaStyle
December 2, 2000

OMIX Develops Energy Auction Site for Kimball Resources, Inc.
October 20, 2000

OMIX Builds Innovative Intranet Site for Pharsight Corporation
June 30, 2000

All Signals "Go": OMIX Helps Sell New Autos Through
June 16, 2000

OMIX and Bring Automobile Auctions Online
March 8, 2000

The Price is Right: OMIX Develops Powerful Pricing Tool for Electronics for Imaging (EFI)
December 14, 1999

OMIX Experience Gets Online on Time
November 14, 1999

OMIX Spreads the News about Sony's New BetaCam SX®
April 5, 1999

OMIX Builds MCI Commerce Site with "Killer" Design
February 23, 1998

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