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The Price is Right: OMIX Develops Powerful Pricing Tool for Electronics for Imaging (EFI)

Leading designer and developer of robust, scalable, and secure-Business solutions builds intranet application to optimize EFI’s sales efforts

Menlo Park, CA, December 14, 1999 -- What if your company offered more than a thousand products for sale and had customers all around the world? How could you optimize your sales efforts by creating a uniform system for component pricing—a system that would update prices, bundle products, calculate volume discounts, and report on the demand for your products?

Electronics for Imaging (EFI), the premier company for digital imaging, turned to OMIX, a premier developer of intranet technologies, to develop this internal pricing tool. With worldwide demand for its digital imaging components, EFI needed a streamlined application that would enable its sales staff to create new product proposals instantly, while pricing these components competitively. And it couldn’t wait.

The results? OMIX developed this powerful application in a flash -- less than eight weeks from start to finish.

Proven experts in the use of Java technologies, OMIX engineers developed a highly interactive and complex user interface, using the Java Swing component set. Building this client-side application with Java allowed OMIX to deploy this pricing tool across a network, onto a multitude of hardware and operating systems, while maintaining a uniform look and feel. The application’s price updating business logic uses Enterprise JavaBeans (EJBs) and is connected to an Oracle Legacy database. Also, OMIX engineered a "Conceptual Item Builder," allowing EFI staffers to relay vital information about customer "wish list" characteristics.

OMIX developed these powerful technology components and deployed them on BEA’s award-winning WebLogic™ Application Server.

With OMIX’s advanced engineering expertise, EFI is tapping the latest developments in technology and optimizing its sales efforts all around the world.

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