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All Signals "Go": OMIX Helps Sell New Autos Through

Leading designer and developer of robust, scalable, and secure e-Business solutions designs Web site to meet Amazon’s standard of 99.8% reliability

Menlo Park, CA, June 16, 2000--Could your online business profit by utilizing the advanced Web site architecture necessary to partner with, an online retailer of new cars, was invited to join the site as its online presence for new auto sales. But to handle the attention and transaction volume that would come to their business through Amazon, Greenlight had to meet Amazon's standard of 99.8% site reliability.

Greenlight found that they could not achieve this reliability objective or handle the anticipated increases in site traffic and transaction volumes with their existing site, which utilized Microsoft ASP technology in a two-tiered architecture. What to do? Greenlight called OMIX to re-engineer their site with an advanced, reliable, scalable and secure solution.

OMIX engineered the new and improved Greenlight site by using a three-tiered architecture that consists of a Web server array, an Application Server array and a database. The Application Server delivers dynamic content via Java Server Pages (JSPs) and utilizes Enterprise JavaBeans (EJBs) to execute the business logic. The clustered three-tiered architecture incorporates the redundancy necessary to allow site repair and maintenance, while providing uninterrupted service to customers.

Along with the architectural upgrade, OMIX created new customer sales aids, including a monthly car payment calculator. Through all these innovative improvements, OMIX helped give the "green light" to greater success.

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OMIX, Inc. is a leading designer and developer of robust, scalable, secure e-Business solutions for Internet, intranet and extranet applications.

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