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OMIX Develops Energy Auction Site for Kimball Resources, Inc.

Leading designer and developer of robust, scalable, secure e-Business solutions builds Kimball Resources’ online B2B auction system used by Ford Motor Company

Menlo Park, CA, October 20, 2000 - Would your business profit from an online B2B auction system? Could you stay ahead of the competition by providing your clients with direct Internet access to the best products, prices and services? And equally important, could you get this site up and running in only eight weeks? For Kimball Resources, the answer was "yes" to all three questions — thanks to OMIX engineering excellence.

Kimball Resources procures energy for manufacturing giants across a wide range of industries, including automotive, steel, and building materials. For years, they had been procuring energy supplies for their clients by using a manual, FAX-based auction system. This approach left both purchasers and suppliers of energy products exposed to market price fluctuations during the time it took to evaluate the diverse bids and award an auction winner.

When the competition came calling on one of their biggest clients -- Ford Motor Company -- with promises of an Internet energy auction, Kimball Resources took the offensive. They turned to the proven e-Business experts at OMIX to develop a full-featured, custom-built online B2B auction system, where pre-approved energy providers would competitively bid in real-time.

OMIX’s advanced technical expertise was essential to both the architectural design and implementation of Kimball’s multi-faceted auction site. Bidding in a real-time energy auction involves a complex array of price, volume, and time characteristics that must be accurately communicated and processed.

With billions of dollars in transactions at stake, site security was one of Kimball’s most pressing requirements. Fortunately, OMIX specializes in producing Internet applications that are highly secure, as well as scalable for future growth.

OMIX provided Kimball with a customized OMIX Auction Engine™, built from a software component framework that utilizes the Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) architecture. It deployed the technology components on the award-winning WebLogic™ Application Server from BEA Systems, Inc.

The results? Kimball successfully tested the functionality of the system by conducting an auction for a year's supply of natural gas for the Ford Norfolk, Virginia assembly plant. Based on this experience, the auction rules were fine-tuned and the system is now being used to conduct auctions for other automotive assembly plants, including the historic Ford River Rouge Complex in Dearborn, Michigan.

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