OMIX has been building e-Commerce systems since our inception in 1994. Over the years, we have adopted emerging technologies to make our systems more scalable and standards compliant. The current OMIX e-Commerce Infrastructure™ is our fourth generation in this evolutionary series. It is based upon a J2EE component set, and effectively separates the business logic from the site presentation logic. This allows us to construct sites that differ in content presentation, but retain a similar underlying business logic, thereby significantly reducing development costs and time to market. This infrastructure includes the following capabilities:

  • dynamically extensible product catalog
  • dynamically extensible set of product attributes
  • support for product collections
  • multiple language and currency representation
  • support for persistent shopping cart
  • membership or anonymous user accounts
  • automated order confirmation e-mail
  • user account order status with shipper tracking link
  • support for multiple shipping addresses in a single order
  • automated credit card validation and transaction clearing
  • dynamic product availability based on fulfillment inventory levels
  • order processing to fulfillment center
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