Chief Operating Officer

As Chief Operating Officer of OMIX, Sandy Lillie assumes responsibility for the general well being of the company, from assuring that revenue and growth targets are met to establishing and maintaining the unique and thriving company culture. A Co-Founder of OMIX, Sandy's background as a Clinical Psychologist has proven a valuable asset in building a healthy and synergistic working environment for OMIX's talented staff.

"I had been involved for years in helping people to heal from the effects of destructive working environments," says Sandy, "but I was always very interested in creating positive environments that support and maximize human potential."

With her breadth of interpersonal, analytical and writing expertise, Sandy is well suited to the role of company leader, contract negotiator, and spokesperson. Her communication and management skills have also proved valuable for clients and employees alike. "Our management style is circular, not hierarchical," she explains. "This fosters mutual support among employees, instead of the usual scramble for higher positions."

Prior to founding OMIX, Sandy spent twenty years in private practice, counseling employees and their families on improving their work and personal lives. She also designed and developed Employee Assistance programs, as well as provided consulting services to numerous organizations, including SRI International, Apple Computer, Stanford Business School, Pacific Telephone, United Airlines, and First Interstate Bank.

Sandy attended Reed College in Portland, Oregon, holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Expressive Arts from California State University at Sonoma, and holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Nevada, Reno.

See Working Wonders with a Positive Company Culture: For Love and Money, an essay by OMIX co-founder and clinical psychologist Sandy Lillie, for a full description of the unique OMIX culture.