President, Chief Technical Officer

As the President and Chief Technical Officer of OMIX, Terry Lillie is working his dream job at the company he co-founded in 1994. He is the guiding light for OMIX's technical direction and accomplishments, and has a particular genius for figuring out how to make systems work together that have never worked together before.

Terry was among the very first to recognize the enormous commercial potential of the Internet and has kept OMIX in the vanguard of Internet professional service companies. Thanks to his technical vision, OMIX is consistently a leader in embracing and integrating emerging Internet technologies.

OMIX has been integrating the WebLogic™ Application Server (originally known as the Tengah server) and the Marimba Application Distribution Infrastructure since early 1996, longer than any other professional services company. OMIX launched its first enterprise Java application suite in April of 1996 (when most of the world was just beginning to discover Java), and has been building J2EE-compliant applications since the specification was first released in 1998.

Under his leadership, OMIX continues to identify and integrate the best standards-based Internet technologies as rapidly as they become available.

A recognized expert in Internet security, with an extensive background in financial trading systems, Terry brings years of experience in computer networking, system integration and software development to his present position. Prior to OMIX, he served as Chief Technical Officer for FXD, a start-up ultimately acquired by Dow Jones, Inc., which developed real-time trading systems for foreign exchange, distributed in hundreds of major financial institutions worldwide.

Born and bred in the Silicon Valley, Terry has always been passionate about anything related to electronics and communication. He was a ham radio operator at the age of 11, built a robot (with a heart) bigger than he was at 13, and put together his first personal computer back before there were personal computers, in 1976. Terry holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley, where he also completed his coursework for a Master's Degree.

Terry's technical genius, combined with the enthusiasm he has for helping others to fulfill their potential and achieve their goals, make him an inspiration for OMIX employees and clients alike.