OMIX Engineers Auction Technology for New Economy Business

The foundation for the New Economy is new technologies that are making it possible to do business in entirely new ways.

As e-mail is to "snail" mail, buying and selling a used car online is an exponential improvement over the "old way" of doing business -- sellers advertising in print classifieds and buyers scrambling around town to test drive and inspect used vehicles. Utilizing the most advanced technology, OMIX built the Web site to give sellers and buyers the efficiencies and conveniences of an industry-leading online auction for used cars.

"Our business is built on providing up-to-date and accurate information on used cars being auctioned on our site. Therefore it was vital that our site be built with technologies that guarantee performance, reliability and scalability," said Jeff Reed, Co-Founder and President of "OMIX engineered and delivered a cutting edge solution that exceeded all our requirements," he added.

Through the power of OMIX engineering, the BestOffer site allows a seller to register a used vehicle for sale and schedule a mechanical inspection with the BestOffer field team. Using handheld devices, the team reports its inspection ratings to the site, which continuously updates the information about the cars for sale. Buyers can research specific models, create profiles of their dream cars, and bid on inspected vehicles in BestOffer's online auction.

OMIX developed a set of Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) auction components to provide BestOffer with features not available in third-party auction packages. This OMIX Auction Component™ set includes such advanced features as proxy bidding, reserve pricing, and automatically extended closing times for increased capability and flexibility.

OMIX created this site to be reliable, scalable to increased transaction volumes, and highly secure. The site was engineered using a three-tiered architecture consisting of a Web server array, J2EE-compliant Application Server and database. The Application Server delivers dynamic content using Java Server Pages (JSPs) and utilizes Enterprise JavaBeans (EJBs) to execute the business logic necessary to run thousands of auctions simultaneously.

Throughout the development of this site, OMIX consistently proved its ability to quickly respond to the fast-paced world and ever-changing needs of an exciting Internet start-up company such as BestOffer.

If your business could benefit from a highly reliable, scalable and secure retail auction site on the Internet, contact OMIX for the best in technology and customer service.

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