OMIX Pioneers New Marketing Technology for Industry Leader

Today, e-marketing is a cornerstone of Cisco System's business strategy. It wasn't always so. In a pioneering project for this networking giant, OMIX and Direct!Direct!, a strategic direct response and database marketing agency, teamed up for The Cisco Access Server Trade-In/Trade-Up Program — Cisco's first B2B lead generation effort with a fully integrated Web component.

After first determining Cisco's response, lead, and revenue goals, Direct!Direct! produced a solid direct marketing strategy. They gathered requirements for a Trade In/Trade Up online program that tied to an associated direct mail campaign, and designed an online application that would gather prospect information in exchange for value-added services.

From these requirements, OMIX designed and developed the online components, which included an extensible product recommendation engine, a cost-savings calculator, and an embedded sales lead-generation database.

OMIX used an extensible architecture in developing the suite of sales support tools. This later enabled the Cisco marketing team to expand these tools to cover the business unit's full product set, thereby leveraging Cisco's investment far beyond the life of the marketing program.

On the Web, the tools served a dual purpose. They proved to be a cost-effective way to advance customers and prospects through the sales process. They also helped with the age-old business-to-business direct marketing challenge of getting installed base intelligence from customers who buy through the channel.

For this marketing Web site, OMIX graphic designers worked with Direct!Direct! to create a graphic approach that coordinated with the direct mail and other collateral components of the campaign. This reduced costs and ensured a Web site visually integrated with the outbound promotions.

The program proved highly successful on all fronts. Response, lead qualification and lead conversion rates exceeded expectations. The tools investment paid off for months after the program ended. An astounding number of responders chose the Web and used the tools. All in all, the program paved the way for Cisco to include the Internet as a primary medium in its direct marketing, and contributed to one of the industry's top Internet success stories to date — the efficiency and effectiveness of business-to-business marketing on the web.

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