OMIX Expertise Gets New Venture Online On Time

Do you have a great idea for a new Internet-based business? But you don't have the time and financial resources it takes to put together a top notch IT department to develop and launch your site successfully? Locality turned to the Internet experts at OMIX to engineer its Web site and rapidly transform its Net-based local business directory from vision to reality. offers small businesses cost-effective Web advertising on a professionally designed, maintained, and hosted Web site, complete with e-coupons, a multi-level marketing program, and a local traffic monitoring service. The site offers consumers a searchable local business directory and enticing promotions and rewards for their participation.

Key to the success of the Web site is the custom-built OMIX Proximity Engine™, which provides a local directory service for businesses and consumers. This engine calculates proximity based on the zip code entered by the site visitor, and then immediately returns a list of participating businesses within a convenient radius.

The OMIX design team also created templates that allow local businesses partnering with to dynamically create their own unique Web sites, linked to the Locality site.

When Locality was able to hire an internal technical team, OMIX worked with them to transfer an understanding of the technology and to facilitate a transition of the management of the site in order to assure Locality's continuing success. With a smooth and timely site launch, Locality was able to transition their business from a creative vision to a successful reality, knowing that they could count on OMIX's superior customer service for assistance where needed to take them to the next level.

If you want your new or existing business to go online, before you're ready to invest the time and financial resources it takes to build or extend your own IT department, let OMIX do the job for you. Our proven expertise will help you to successfully launch your new venture, and then give you the support you need when you’re ready to take it in-house.

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