OMIX Creates "Five Star" Site in Record Time

How do you create a "five star" e-Commerce Web site dedicated to the delectable food and wine of California's Napa Valley? How do you tap the very latest technology to allow customers to move seamlessly from viewing recipes to purchasing ingredients and cooking tools? And how do you deliver in record time a stunning site that generates rave reviews and revenues? The key ingredient is OMIX engineering. Here's how OMIX customized a recipe for success for

NapaStyle, Inc. was founded by Michael Chiarello, the award-winning chef of the critically acclaimed PBS cooking show "Season by Season" and the founding chef of the renowned Tra Vigne restaurant in the Napa Valley.

OMIX tantalizes the taste buds and other senses with, conveying Chiarello's zestful approach to cooking and the richness of the Napa Valley lifestyle. Utilizing the graphic design and user interface expertise of Addwater, Inc., the warm colors, charming audio clips, and an exciting array of gourmet food items, recipes, and cooking techniques welcome food and wine lovers who visit this stellar site.

OMIX developed to J2EE Standards, using Enterprise JavaBeans (EJBs) to drive the business logic and control transaction processing. This allows customers to move back and forth effortlessly from viewing recipes to buying ingredients and cooking tools, as recommended by Chiarello, at the NapaStyle e-store. In a notch above today's conventional e-Commerce functionality, a new feature automatically suggests gift sets when certain products are ordered. And if customers want to check on the status of their orders, they can do so in one fast, easy step.

To keep the product mix fresh on this site, OMIX incorporated a Java- based administrative tool — BEA's WebLogic™ ZAC (Zero Administration Client) -- allowing NapaStyle site administrators to update categories instantly and remotely.

OMIX engineered these powerful technology components and deployed them on the highly acclaimed WebLogic™ Application Server from BEA Systems, Inc.

And the icing on the cake? OMIX delivered this site with rocket speed (1 1/2 months from start to launch) to coincide with NapaStyle's debut catalog being mailed to fans of Chiarello's gourmet endeavors.

Without a doubt, and OMIX will continue to generate rave reviews and revenues. We enjoyed working on this multi-faceted project and look forward to creating a "five star" solution for you.
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