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If you're a sales manager for an online retailer, your job depends upon being able to understand how your products are selling in relation to the rest of the market. Your performance would improve if you understood what opportunities you have for increasing your product sales by examining the market as a whole.

If you're a manufacturer of products that are sold by online retailers, it is critical that you know the sales volumes for each of the retailers of your product, and how they are doing with respect to the market. Your performance depends on your ability to identify strategies for increasing your market share.

What if you could get this sales information in near real-time, instead of trying to formulate strategies by analyzing dated historical data? OneChannel came up with a brilliant business plan to do just that. They envisioned a B2B site that would provide companies with extensive, near real-time marketing analysis of product sales, pricing and demand. Then they turned to the technology experts at OMIX to develop their Channelmetrics Sales Information System on a tight "first mover" schedule.

"In planning the design and implementation of ChannelMetrics, it became clear that we needed best-of-breed components and a top notch technical team," said Rajiv Taneja, OneChannel's CTO and Vice President of Engineering. "The challenge was to select a partner that had the technical expertise and the ability to work well with our own engineering team. We chose OMIX on the basis of their superior track record and advanced technical knowledge. They played a critical role in delivering a Web site built on solid technology fundamentals, which in turn solidified our first-mover advantage."

Working with the cohesive and experienced team at OMIX, OneChannel got its site designed and delivered on a very aggressive schedule. By tapping real-time feeds from many independent e-retailers such as and, the OneChannel site provides 24-hour access to 30 different comparative reports based on e-Commerce transactions. Both e-retailers and product manufacturers can access this personalized and secure site. The site generates daily reports and also reports on demand that provide insight into sales activity and opportunities relative to the market as a whole.

OneChannel required a robust, secure system that could continuously consolidate billions of dollars worth of retail sales data, in order to use this information to generate the many reports available selectively to OneChannel subscribers. The software that OMIX developed generates reports corresponding to each user's specific selection criteria, and then formats the results for delivery as HTML or Excel binary data back to the user's Web browser. The application was written using the Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) architecture, and utilizes the award-winning BEA WebLogic™ Application Server.

Does your enterprise dream of integrating data analysis with a Web presence? With our proven technical expertise and outstanding customer service, OMIX can make that dream a real-time reality.

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