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If you had a great idea for an online business, with plenty of business savvy and marketing know-how, but needed top-notch technical expertise to realize your vision, where would you turn? came up with the concept of letting customers "shop the planet" online for the most internationally sought-after products, from Irish linen and hand-cut crystal to Scottish sweaters and Thai silk. Then turned to OMIX. They didn’t regret it.

To provide a global shopping experience right at the fingertips of Passporta's customers, OMIX engineered a site that lets customers shop by country, product, or gift categories, such as "Wedding Bells" or "Celtic Treasures." The application was built to be highly flexible and scalable, to support multiple languages and currencies as well as the variety of international shipping costs and tariffs.

To optimize customer service, OMIX incorporated an online inventory management and order tracking system, which automatically provides shoppers with information about expected shipping times and the status of their orders.

OMIX also developed a Java-based administrative tool that allows site administrators to update products, product categories, product attributes and inventory levels quickly and remotely through a Virtual Private Network.

OMIX based the development of this site on the OMIX E-Commerce J2EE Infrastructure using Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) to drive the business logic and control transaction processing. These advanced components were deployed on the BEA WebLogic™ Application Server.

Voila! With the benefit of OMIX's Java and WebLogic expertise, along with our outstanding customer service, has a world class e-Commerce site for world shoppers. Contact OMIX to see how our strong team approach and engineering excellence can make a world of difference for you.

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