OMIX Develops Sophisticated Front End for Complex Database Access

What happens when you combine Pharsight Corporation's deep understanding of the medical research process with OMIX's Java and UI expertise? Add a healthy dose of OMIX teamwork, experience and professionalism, and you get just what the doctor ordered!

That's what Pharsight discovered, when it followed the recommendation of a leading company and chose OMIX to build its intranet site. Pharsight required a highly complex, yet easy-to-use front end site to connect with its intricate back end medical database.

Pharsight is a science-based company that has been helping pharmaceutical and biotech companies to reduce the complexity, cost and duration of the clinical development process since 1996. Pharsight's vision of the Clinical Workbench -- an innovative intranet system that would enable users to ask clinical drug development questions and receive rapid responses -- became a reality with the help of OMIX.

The order was tall. The schedule was tight. Pharsight needed a Web development firm it could count on to deliver a top-of-the-line product in very little time. The answer was OMIX. The OMIX engineers worked in tandem with the Pharsight staff, developing the front end and back end simultaneously in order to meet Pharsight’s aggressive schedule.

OMIX developed an Applet that utilizes Java Foundation Classes (JFC) and the Java Swing component set. The Applet is delivered to the browser environment using Sun's Java Plug-in, and utilizes client-side class caching to optimize application launch times. The Applet GUI communicates with Pharsight's database through an Application Program Interface (API), written using the Remote Method Invocation (RMI) protocol.

OMIX also developed the user interface elements to display Pharsight's Database Variable Tree, which includes up to 5,000 variables in five possible tree-like levels. This approach enables users to access Pharsight's complex database directly, making queries by using existing variables or by creating their own.

The result? Pharsight released its Clinical Workbench that for the first time gave users the opportunity to obtain immediate answers to complex drug trial development questions online. Thanks to OMIX, the project was a great success.

Include OMIX in your online business formula, too, and let us put your business on a robust road to health!

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