OMIX has a solid reputation for developing secure, scalable, state-of-the-art B2C systems. In building these systems for our clients, we often utilize clusterable J2EE-compliant Application Servers with connections to fulfillment houses, call centers, and Legacy systems. Many of these applications also feature our OMIX e-Commerce Infrastructure™ component set, which enables us to minimize the time to market for a new site.

Several of our most recent sites include integration with third-party Content Management Systems. As our clients look for innovative ways to acquire and retain new customers, we often incorporate personalized dynamic content into their sites, in order to optimize the interactions between our clients and their customers.

Over the years, OMIX has developed several generations of e-Commerce infrastructures – starting with the first generation of primarily static billboard marketing sites in the early 1990's, and moving into the second generation of sites with encrypted, secure transaction capabilities in early 1995. Consistently on the cutting edge of Internet technology, OMIX is always among the first to catch the waves of new capabilities as they are introduced, maximizing our clients' competitive edge.

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