Intranets are used by companies to share internal information and to support applications that are specific to the needs of their business. Intranet based applications often result in significant corporate cost-savings by making critical information more widely accessible and improving the efficiency of operations.

As an example, OMIX recently helped to create a light-weight Java Application Server environment and implemented the business logic for an intranet based salary-planning application. This application is now being used by numerous Fortune 500 corporations to vastly improve the efficiency of what had been a manual salary-planning process, based on the exchange of Excel spreadsheets.

In another case, OMIX developed a Java client application to support the process of creating Bills of Material for new products. This application draws upon an existing parts inventory database and is used to produce cost estimates for new product designs. It replaced a manual and very time-consuming process

A company's intranet is often protected by an Internet firewall that allows internal users to access Internet services and supports the configuration of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) to remote sites and business partners.

OMIX often utilizes a common infrastructure for delivering both Web-based dynamic information systems and Java client-side applications. Web-based solutions are appropriate for situations requiring a small application footprint or an enterprise standard delivery system – the Web browser. Java client-side applications are appropriate in situations that require a more interactive user interface. We work with each of our clients to identify the technologies that are most suitable for their specific application.

OMIX applies its extensive experience with security elements, embedded relational databases, and Legacy system integration to build the intranet systems that our clients require.

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